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Why the ‘Black Widow’ fight scenes matter so much

Here are some secrets about the ‘Black Widow’ fight scenes

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Taskmaster and Black Widow in “Black Widow.”

This photo shows a fight scene between the Taskmaster and Black Widow in “Black Widow.”

Marvel Studios

We learned a little more about what happens during the fight scenes of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project “Black Widow.”

The fight scenes in the film are unique, “Black Widow” director Cate Shortland said at a recent virtual press conference that I attended.

Shortland said all the fights of “Black Widow” had different “hearts” to them so characters used different skillsets for the fights. Some were raw, some were emotional and others were just match-for-match.

Specifically, fights between Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff and Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova were packed with emotion because the two characters are sisters.

Johansson said about the fight: “It’s all driven by emotion. There’s no real end goal there. It’s two people expressing their frustration and the power struggle.”

Here are some quick facts about the fight scenes between Natasha and Yelena:

  • Shortland said they had to stop filming the Natasha/Yelena fight because there was a heatwave at the time of filming.
  • Johansson said Pugh totally nailed the fight scene because of her athletic ability.
  • Pugh said she and Johansson’s first scene together was their fight scene in “Black Widow.” Literally, that was their first day of filming together.

“Black Widow” opens in theaters and debuts on Disney+ through Premier Access on July 9.