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We just learned something huge about the TVA in ‘Loki’

The latest ‘Loki’ episode told us something special about the TVA

SHARE We just learned something huge about the TVA in ‘Loki’
Loki and Mobius in “Loki.”

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson) in “Loki.” The latest ‘Loki’ episode told us something special about the TVA

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Loki” Episode 3 — “Lamentis.”

The third episode of “Loki” had a massive reveal about the Time Variance Authority, and it might change the way we see characters there forever.

What happened in ‘Loki’ Episode 3?

The third episode — titled “Lamentis” — focused on Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sylvie (Sophia di Martino) escaping from the Time Variance Authority to the planet Lamentis, which is heading toward an apocalypse. The two must work together to escape the coming doom before they are obliterated into nothingness.

What did we learn about the TVA?

Sylvie and Loki seem to have a similar goal. Loki wants to meet the Time Keepers — who oversee the Scared Timeline — and take over their rule. Sylvie’s motivation is less clear, but she’s still on the hunt to find the Time Keepers.

During their discussions about what to do next, Sylvie reveals that she got into the head of a TVA officer by using an enchantment spell. The spell only works when Sylvie creates a fantasy world based on a subject’s own memories, where she can then extract information from her subject.

We see this play out in the opening scene of the episode. In that scene, Sylvie penetrates the officer’s mind and conjures up a fantasy world where the officer tells Sylvie where she can find the Time Keepers.

So later, Sylvie tells Loki that she had to use memories from the officer’s time on Earth — before the officer worked for the TVA.

Loki, surprised, questions that idea because he had been told that the Time Keepers created the TVA. Sylvie then reveals that all agents of the TVA are variants themselves — variants of their original selves.

Why this matters

This is a huge reveal that reshapes how we see characters. For one, this means Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) is a variant of another Mobius, which means there could be other Mobius variants running around.

And that raises another possibility — what if the Agent Mobius we’ve seen isn't the same every time? What if we’ve thought each Agent Mobius is the same guy, but in reality, it’s different versions of him?

For an episode of “Loki” that centered on character development, having this kind of reveal is a huge deal for the future of the show. Nothing is what it seems. And no one, truly, is who they say they are.