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Who is L1130? Here’s a breakdown of the new Loki variant

What does L1130 mean on the new ‘Loki’ Marvel show?

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Loki in “Loki.”

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in “Loki.” The new Disney+ Marvel show debuted Wednesday.

Marvel Studios

Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 1 of “Loki.”

The new Marvel television project “Loki” debuted Wednesday morning, and there are already questions aplenty about a variant named “L1130.”

Who is L1130?

L1130 is the number attached to, well, Loki. But this isn’t a normal version of Loki. This is the version of Loki who escaped the Sacred Timeline and became a variant who was arrested by the Time Variance Authority.

The L1130 variant became real during the 2012 Battle of New York (originally seen in “The Avengers.”) In a scene from “Avengers: Endgame,” Loki spotted the Tesseract on the ground and decided to steal it, transporting it away from the Avengers.

  • When he did this, it created a new timeline that broke away from the Sacred Timeline, making Loki into a variant of himself.
  • Loki’s TVA file in “Loki” reveals the name of his official variant number is L1130.

Is L1130 the only Loki variant?

No. As Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) tells us in the premiere episode of “Loki,” there are a number of Loki variants that pop up throughout the universe. One of those variants is actually time-jumping across the universe, killing off TVA members as he or she goes. We actually see a moment at the end of the episode with another Loki variant, as I wrote for the Deseret News.

What does this mean for ‘Loki’?

It’s unclear, but it’s a sign that there are plenty of Loki variants out there. If L1130 exists, it might be possible there’s a L1129 or an L1128. So we’ll have to keep that in mind as we continue to watch “Loki” and uncover its mysteries.