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‘Loki’: Who is the voice of Miss Minutes?

Who is the voice of Miss Minutes? She has a comic book history

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The upcoming Disney+ series ‘Loki’ aired Wednesday.

Who is the voice of Miss Minutes? She has a comic book history


“Loki” debuted on Disney+ Wednesday and it introduced a new character into the Marvel Cinematic Universe — Miss Minutes.

Who is Miss Minutes?

Miss Minutes is a talking clock that helps set the scene for Loki in “Loki,” sharing details about the Time Variance Authority and how the timeline works.

Kate Herron, the director of “Loki,” told the Deseret News in an interview that Miss Minutes “is kind of like our ‘Jurassic Park’ Mr. DNA” — the strand of DNA seen in “Jurassic Park” which shares details about the dinosaurs in that film.

  • “I think in the first episode, you know, she breaks down the TVA and how they work and the rules of this new space for (Loki),” Herron told the Deseret News.

Who is Miss Minutes’ voice actor?

Per ComicBook.com, the Miss Minutes voice actor is Tara Strong.

  • Strong has a storied comic book voice-acting history, having played characters such as Harley Quinn, Barbara Gordon, and Poison Ivy from DC Comics. In fact, she voiced those characters in animated series and video games, according to ComicBook.com.
  • Strong also voiced Raven on “Teen Titans GO!” — she still does this today — and young Timmy Turney on “The Fairly Odd Parents.”

Why Miss Minutes matters for the MCU

Herron said Miss Minutes is a key part in establishing what’s happening in “Loki” and beyond.

  • “I think she’s definitely very helpful because she’s kind of explaining this really cool new part of the MCU we’re setting up,” she said.