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Could a real chill pill help us live longer?

A new pill could lower our body temperature and make us live longer

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Cars and trucks driving on a highway in Germany.

Long exposure photo shows cars and trucks driving on a highway in Frankfurt, Germany, on a foggy Saturday morning, July 10, 2021.

Michael Probst, Associated Press

An expert has a new idea on how to make us all live longer — give us a literal chill pill.

Could a chill pill extend our lives?

Theoretical physicist Geoffrey West, who works at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico, recently told Big Think that there could be a pill one day that would lower body temperatures in humans.

  • The pill would “lower our body temperature, thus lowering our metabolic rate, which in turn decreases the wear and tear on our networks and allows us to live longer,” according to Big Think.

  • Another way to do this might be eating less, West said. However, there hasn’t been researching to back up that idea.

Do chill pills exist?

Per Yahoo Life, there are a number of pills that can help people decompress and chill out. These don’t lower our body temperatures, but they do make us feel less stressed.

“These are all helpful for relaxation and getting your body back into its natural rhythm so you can sleep better,” said Dr. Frank Lipman, an expert in wellness, according to Yahoo Life.