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‘Black Widow’ ending, explained

What does the ending of ‘Black Widow’ mean?

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Natasha Romanoff in “Black Widow.”

Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow in “Black Widow.”

Jay Maidment, Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for “Black Widow.”

“Black Widow” has made its debut in movie theaters, and now many might be wondering what the film’s ending means for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

‘Black Widow’ ending, explained

Let’s simply focus on the end of the film, primarily after the final battle between Black Widow and the Taskmaster. We see Black Widow and her family — including Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh), Red Guardian (David Harbour) and Melina (Rachel Weisz) — gathering together again.

As her family heads off to parts unknown, Black Widow suggests that she has her own mission to accomplish — repairing the family that she has lost already. That is a reference to the Avengers, who, at this point in the timeline, have been arrested following the events of “Captain America: Civil War.”

What this means for Marvel

Honestly, not much. But the scene gives us a better understanding of where “Black Widow” fits in the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. We’ve known that “Black Widow” would take place between “Captain America: Civil War” and “Avengers: Infinity War” so now we know where specifically it fits, as it takes place after “Civil War” but before the Avengers are broken out of prison.