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Health officials reveal the real number of monkeypox cases in the country right now

Did the monkeypox scare lead to any cases?

The monkeypox virus is circulating. Illustration by Alex Cochran, Deseret News

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said there have been no new cases of monkeypox among those who were potentially exposed to the virus back in July, STAT News reports.

What happened with monkeypox?

There was a brief monkeypox scare back in July when a Dallas resident traveled back to Texas from Nigeria. The traveler had flown from Nigeria to Atlanta and then from Atlanta to Dallas.

  • According to The Hill, the patient was hospitalized with monkeypox soon after. It’s unclear why the resident was hospitalized.
  • “The individual was diagnosed with monkeypox on July 15 after seeking care at a Dallas emergency room,” per STAT News.

Did monkeypox spread?

The CDC had been monitoring more than 200 cases of monkeypox since the brief exposure scare, which stemmed from Texas.

  • However, the CDC ended its monitoring period for all the people on the flight back on July 30. There were no new infections discovered, according to STAT News.
  • The CDC said it is still monitoring some people who might have been exposed, but said they are considered “very low risk” for infection.