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These 7 acts just made it to the ‘AGT’ semifinals

‘America’s Got Talent’ revealed the first 7 acts — a combination of singers, comedians and magicians — to make it to the show’s semifinals

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Peter Rosalita performs on “America’s Got Talent.”

Peter Rosalita, a 10-year-old singer competing on “America’s Got Talent,” made it to the show’s semifinal round Wednesday night.

Chris Haston, NBC

On Wednesday, “America’s Got Talent” revealed the first seven acts — a combination of singers, comedians and magicians — to officially made it through to the show’s semifinal round.

Here’s a breakdown of the acts “AGT” viewers voted for.


The singing trio 1aChord met only a month and a half before auditioning for “AGT,” but that hasn’t put them at a disadvantage in the competition. This week, during the quarterfinal round, the students from North Carolina’s UNC Greensboro performed a soulful rendition of R.E.M.’s “Everybody Hurts,” complete with three-part harmonies.

“You guys are seamless,” “AGT” judge Howie Mandel said, according to “ET Canada.” “It’s contemporary gospel; I think you created a lane that doesn’t exist right now. I would buy a ticket to your concert.”

Gina Brillon

On Wednesday night, “AGT” revealed that Gina Brillon, a stand-up comedian from New York, made it through to the semifinal round. So far on the show, Brillon has shared her comedy through stories about her family, identical twin sister and Latina heritage.

“We are very different personality wise, me and my sister. I’m very silly and playful; my sister’s very dark and sarcastic,” she said during the routine for her audition. “And she has low self-esteem, which is weird, because she has my face. Do you know what it’s like when someone that looks exactly like you calls you up and goes, ‘I feel so ugly!’”

Peter Rosalita

From the start, Howie Mandel predicted Peter Rosalita would go far in the competition. Now, the 10-year-old singer has made it to the semifinal round. After performing Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” for his audition — which has more than 7 million views on YouTube — the powerhouse vocalist performed Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” for the quarterfinals.

Jimmie Herrod

Jimmie Herrod, a 30-year-old singer from Portland, Oregon, has been a favorite on “AGT” from the start this season. During his audition — which has more than 10 million views on YouTube — Herrod earned a Golden Buzzer from “AGT” judge Sofia Vergara for his rendition of “Tomorrow” from “Annie,” immediately advancing him to the live shows.

For his first live show this week, Herrod sang “Pure Imagination” from the film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” — a rendition that led “AGT” judge Howie Mandel to call Herrod “the singer to beat” this season,” Oregon Live reported.

“You’re an artist who I see is headed straight for Broadway,” judge Simon Cowell said after the performance, according to Oregon Live.

“Jimmie, you are the million dollar act,” Klum added, according to Oregon Live. “Drop the mic, done. Bravo.”

Dustin Tavella

Magician Dustin Tavella has impressed “AGT” judges and fans with his ability to combine personal, heartwarming stories with sleight of hand. For the quarterfinal round, the magician from Virginia performed a special card trick that tied into his family’s experience with adoption and his two children.

Kabir Singh

During his audition, Kabir Singh, a comedian from Fremont, California, stated that he wants “to be the first stand-up comedian to win” “AGT.”

After Wednesday night’s reveal, Singh is moving closer to that goal. For the quarterfinal round, Singh did a routine that touched on his mom learning how to text message, and the complications of using Siri with an Indian accent.

So far, Singh is one of two stand-up comedians to advance to the semifinals.

Madilyn Bailey

For her “AGT” audition, Madilyn Bailey performed a song she wrote made entirely of hateful comments internet trolls have left on her YouTube channel over the years.

For this week’s quarterfinal round, Bailey chose to perform a cover of “Titanium.” In the end, it was the “AGT” judges who came through for the singer, choosing to save Bailey and send her on to the semifinal round.

Bailey is from the small town of Boyecville, Wisconsin, where she joked during her audition that there were more cows than human beings. Before “AGT,” the singer had a significant online following, with 13.5 million YouTube subscribers alone, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Now, she hopes to widen that following through “AGT.”

“The dream for me is to sing songs that I’ve written that I love and get it out to as many people as possible,” Bailey said during her audition.

Note: The next episode of “AGT” will air Aug. 17 on NBC.