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If you’re brave enough to try Arby’s spicy chicken sandwich, you get a free milkshake

Arby’s just added the spiciest chicken sandwich to its menu. And it comes with a free milkshake!

Photo of an Arby’s restaurant sign.
An Arby’s restaurant sign in Cutler Bay, Fla. Arby’s is buying casual dining chain Buffalo Wild Wings in a deal worth about $2.4 billion. Arby’s Restaurant Group Inc. said Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017, that it will pay $157 per share.
Wilfredo Lee, Associated Press

Are you a fan of spicy chicken sandwiches? Well, Arby’s has the spiciest one of them all and is daring you to try it out.

  • The fast-food chain is releasing the new Diablo Dare Sandwich starting Monday for $5.99. The sandwich comes in two varieties — crispy chicken and smoked brisket, per USA Today.
  • The heat on the sandwich comes from five different places — the ghost pepper jack cheese, fiery hot seasoning, fire-roasted jalapenos and Diablo BBQ sauce, all served on a red chipotle bun.

Since this is probably the spiciest chicken sandwich to ever exist, Arby’s is including a free 12-ounce vanilla shake “to cool your mouth down between bites.”

  • “This is not a sandwich for the faint of heart,” said Patrick Schwing, chief marketing officer of Arby’s, per CNN. “Everyone in the quick service restaurant industry says they have a spicy option, but our research tells us that consumers are disappointed by fast food claims of spicy.”
  • Schwing said that Arby’s took that “as a challenge by making sure all different types of spicy — the hot, the numbing, and the lingering are combined to make the Diablo Dare a true test of how much heat you can handle.”