On Wednesday morning, Sports Illustrated published a lengthy feature by Brian Burnsed detailing the life of former BYU basketball star and NBA veteran Shawn Bradley, who was paralyzed in an accident while riding his bike on Jan. 20, 2021, in St. George, Utah.

The story details how his paralysis — he is paralyzed from the chest down — is made even more difficult because of his 7-foot-6, 350-pound frame (the story says such a situation is “without precedent in modern medical history”).

Some items of note from the piece:

Former BYU basketball player Shawn Bradley paralyzed after being hit by car in January
Collision with passing van sent Shawn Bradley’s bike into parked car, report says
Shawn Bradley using his fame, tragedy to educate, bring awareness for bicycle safety
  • Regarding a meeting with former Dallas Mavericks teammate Michael Finley, Bradley said, “It’s hard for me to let them see me like this. It’s the challenge of remembering what once was ... and knowing it’ll never be the same.”
  • On being able to transfer from his motorized wheelchair to his bed and back, Bradley said, “That’s something we all think is possible. We’re not there yet — but we’re getting there.”
  • His wife Carrie said, “It’s not just the person that’s involved in the accident,” Carrie says. “It’s a domino effect. Our family has been forever changed.”
  • The Bradleys plan to relocate from Utah to Dallas.
  • Bradley is now able to feed himself with special utensils after not being able to following the accident.
  • Bradley is “determined” to help others in similar situations and wants to help educate on the importance of bicycle safety.