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Is this a leaked ‘Knights of Ren’ trailer? Or is it a ‘Star Wars’ fake?

A reportedly leaked ‘Knights of Ren’ trailer has ‘Star Wars’ fans talking

Kylo Ren in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”
Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) in “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.” A reportedly leaked ‘Knights of Ren’ trailer has ‘Star Wars’ fans talking.
Lucasfilm Ltd.

“Star Wars” fans are sounding off on what appears to be either a leaked or fake trailer for a new “Star Wars” show centered around the Knights of Ren.

The news: CBR reports that a trailer for a project called “Knights of Ren: A Star Wars Story” popped up on YouTube earlier this week.

Quotes: “Apparently there’s a knights of ren leak, it could be fake but if it is it’s the best fake I’ve ever seen,” one viewer tweeted.

  • Another said, “It’s probably fake, but a really well-done trailer for a Knights of Ren movie.”

The problem: The trailer has the subtitle “A Star Wars Story,” which is often saved for “Star Wars” movies. But the trailer ends with the Disney+ logo, which signals it would be a Disney+ project. Disney+ series, so far, do not have the “A Star Wars Story” attached.

Yes, but: We’ve never seen a “Star Wars” movie specifically for Disney+. So there could be a scenario where Disney+ releases a movie on its platform rather than theaters.

What we’re watching: Disney+ has not returned a request for comment on the trailer.

Our take: The trailer is absolutely killer. Even if it’s fake, it’s got all the glitz, glamor and hype that a “Knights of Ren” story would have. So it’s not a bad watch for “Star Wars” fans.