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Coca-Cola is giving its soda cans a total makeover

Yes, you might see some new Coke cans out in the store

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Photo of new Coca-Cola cans.

A new Coca-Cola can design was announced, adding new colors to the traditional cans.


Coca-Cola has decided to give its cans a total makeover as it heads into the new year.

The news: Coca-Cola has decided to unveil new looks for flavored Coke products.

  • Cherry Coke cans will be rebranded as magenta.
  • There will be a white label on the regular version of Cherry Coke.
  • There will be a black logo on the zero sugar version.
  • Vanilla Coke cans will become cream-colored
  • A mixed version of the drink — a vanilla cherry flavor — will have both colors.
  • Coke with zero caffeine and Coke with zero caffeine and zero sugar will have redesigns, too.

Why it matters: “It’s part of the company’s renewed focus on its Coke brand, as it dumps niche products and tries to drum up excitement for its core beverages,” according to CNN.

What to watch for: Coke said there’s a new Coke variety coming out soon. Keep your eyes open to see what it might be.