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The Mexican Pizza is coming back to Taco Bell

Good news: A beloved Taco Bell item is coming back

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A Taco Bell logo at a restaurant in Miami.

This Friday, April 19, 2019 photo shows a Taco Bell logo at a restaurant in Miami. The fast-food chain is expected to bring back the Mexican Pizza.

Wilfredo Lee, Associated Press

The rumors are true, Taco Bell is bringing back one of the most loved items: the Mexican Pizza.

  • According to Mashable, Mike Grams, vice president and COO at Taco Bell, reportedly confirmed: “We’re bringing back the Mexican Pizza!”
  • Food Blogger Markie_devo in an Instagram post said that the item will be back in store in April or May this year.

Previously, the Mexican Pizza, created by pairing two delicious cuisines, contained crisp pizza shells, refried beans and a layer of seasoned beef, along with a pizza sauce made up of a three-cheese blend and tomatoes.

  • The menu will now also include a new and improved version, which is “double cheesy” with spicy chorizo. Another option has flavors of bacon and ranch, per Living Más, a site for everything Taco Bell.
  • The packaging will also be different, as the original packaging was unsustainable. So, expect something greener.

Many on Twitter are also pumped.

  • One user wrote, “I think 2022 will be a great year !! They are bringing Mexican pizza back at @tacobell !!!!!!!!!!”
  • Another said, “Is anyone else jumping with joy because @tacobell is bringing back the Mexican pizza.”
  • “If you want to know how things are going for me, the news that Taco Bell is bring the Mexican Pizza back is making me cry in a good way,” wrote a user.