Getting stuck in a pile of snow is an all-too-common sight as snowstorms have been making an impact this winter. Some people are used to driving in the snow, others think of it as a huge headache.

If your car is stuck, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We have some tips to help you free your vehicle in no time.

  1. The shovel is your best friend

Dig the show and ice away from the tires. Make sure to free up a few feet in the front and behind the tires so that the car can easily move back and forth. This is especially important if your car isn’t prepared to drive in the show, according to Nationwide. Dig up any snow excess from under the front or the middle of your car. All this is much easier if you have a shovel in your vehicle’s trunk.

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2. Rock your car free from the snow

“You go into drive, then reverse, then repeat,” says Mark Osborne, who oversees Michigan Technological University’s Winter Driving School, according to Nationwide. “But you have to be careful not to wreck your transmission. I put my foot on the brake at the peak of each ‘rock,’ so the car is motionless when I change gears. It’s also helpful to shift to neutral for a second before making the transition.”

3. Plan B: Add traction

If rocking doesn’t help, the next best bet is to add traction. This can be done by using sand, salt or kitty litter to give the tires something to bite into, according to The Drive. Chains can help immensely but not very many people carry them regularly. Turning off traction control, though counterintuitive, will help your car’s wheels to spin.

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4. Ask for help

Getting a few people to push your car out of the snow will help you save on time and effort. Slowly accelerate your car while they push in the same direction. The combined force should help free the car.