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If You Love Fishing or Old Cars, You Can’t Miss These Three Flaming Gorge Events

SHARE If You Love Fishing or Old Cars, You Can’t Miss These Three Flaming Gorge Events

Flaming Gorge Snow Rally

If you’re experiencing a bit of winter cabin fever, Flaming Gorge has three exciting events that you won’t want to miss — especially if you’re into fishing or antique car shows. 

The Burbot Bash and the Flaming Gorge Resort Snow Rally are Flaming Gorge’s premier winter events, and they promise to be a lot of fun. The dark, cold and snowy month of January can be a slog for many people. But you can take a break from the walls of your home and get out into it at Flaming Gorge. 

The Burbot Bash and Flaming Gorge Resort Snow Rally are right around the corner. For more information on these events, read on. 

Burbot Bash

Flaming Gorge reservoir is well-known for its fishing, hiking and boating adventures, and this year at the Burbot Bash you will enjoy one of its best activities: competitive ice fishing. 

Hosted by the Flaming Gorge Chamber of Commerce, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the Burbot Bash is an annual event aimed at reducing the burbot population in Flaming Gorge. 


Flaming Gorge

Burbot — sometimes referred to as lingcod — is an invasive species that wreaks havoc on the native salmon and trout populations of Flaming Gorge. This rapidly multiplying species prey mostly at night and threaten the world-renowned fishing Flaming Gorge is renowned for. 

The Burbot Bash invites ice-fishing anglers from all over the region to come and remove as many burbot as possible from the reservoir January 27 - 29. Since 2011, tens of thousands of burbot have been removed, but there is still a long way to go to reduce the population to levels where other fish species can thrive. 

The contest awards $30,000 in cash and prizes for anglers who catch the most burbot, as well as anglers who catch burbot of all sizes — including tagged burbot. Registration has begun and continues through Jan. 24 and there will be no in-person registration because of COVID-19 concerns. 

For more information and to register, visit https://www.burbotbash.com/

Flaming Gorge Resort Snow Rally

If you love free activities, hot rods, and racing, the Flaming Gorge Resort Snow Rally is sure to be one of the most memorable events of the year in Utah. On January 14 - 15, Flaming Gorge Resort will feature hot rods from 1949 and earlier as they rally through turns and slides in their exclusive snow-packed rally course. 

Rallying will occur from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone is invited to attend. The best part? It’s free! 

If you’re interested in rallying, your car must meet the following criteria: 

  • Vehicles must be older than 1949. 
  • No billet wheels allowed. 
  • No modern engines are allowed (LS, Cummins, or PT Cruiser engines). 
  • Traction aids are encouraged (chains, studs, skis, etc.)

Cars must be pre-approved. If you’re interested in rallying your car or have questions, email woody.fgresort@yahoo.com.  

You can also bring your sleds and tubes to take down their sledding hill. The Flaming Gorge resort will have food, hot chocolate, and coffee for spectators to enjoy. 

For more information, visit the Flaming Gorge Resort Facebook page.  

Mac Attack Fishing Derby

January 14th and 15th will be the dates for the Mac Attack Fishing Derby. Lake trout are game fish and a valued component of the Flaming Gorge fishery. Currently there is an overabundance of lake trout less than 25”. This contest is designed to encourage people to fish for and harvest small lake trout. Harvesting small lake trout will improve the trout and Kokanee fishing by reducing predation on these species, especially Kokanee. It will also improve the trophy fishery by increasing the number of Kokanee that are available to the remaining lake trout.

There will be several different prize categories and winnings available. For more information about rules and regulations and to register, please visit the Buckboard Marina Event Page