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Hoopes Vision wins Salt City Best top eye surgeon

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They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and like windows, they need a little upkeep. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, more than 800,000 Americans receive refractive surgical procedures – such as LASIK and PRK – each year. And in this neck of the woods, those Americans are trusting Hoopes Vision with their baby blues, greens, and browns (and every hue in between).

After more than 20 years since it opened its doors in Salt Lake City, Hoopes Vision is officially the best—they are 2021 Salt City Best Winners Magazine choice for eye surgeons.

Winning the title of best eye surgeon in Salt Lake City, Hoopes Vision has already earned the loyalty and trust of thousands of patients throughout the entire state. With its state-of-the-art, flagship surgical center located on State Street in Draper, the practice was designed from the ground up for the optimal ophthalmology experience.

Hoopes has 58,000 square feet of cutting-edge medical technology, including a LASIK surgery suite with more lasers on-site than any other center in Utah. Additionally, the clinic area provides a soothing atmosphere and is equipped with the newest and most accurate diagnostic equipment.

Technology aside, Hoopes takes pride in its friendly, patient-focused staff. Hoopes’ team of eye surgeons has been performing PRK since 1995, and their experience has not gone unnoticed. The center won the Best of State award on six occasions, and the surgeons were honored among the Most Dependable Laser Eye Surgeons in the United States by Goldline Research for three straight years.

With an overarching mission to help its patients receive the safest, most successful vision correction procedures available today, Hoopes offers a number of safe and effective surgical procedures. These include the ever-popular LASIK and ReLEx SMILE procedures, along with the KAMRA inlay procedure for near-sightedness, cataract surgeries (including laser-assisted cataract surgery), ICL - Implantable Contact Lens, Intacs corneal inserts, corneal transplants, and cornea cross-linking.

“As an avid outdoors enthusiast and videographer, I was constantly running into problems with my contacts and glasses,” said Patrick Romero, videographer and Hoopes patient. “It’s only been three days since the surgery and I am already seeing 20/15 and haven’t had any pain or discomfort… Hoopes is number one for a reason. People fly in from all over the world just to get LASIK done at Hoopes. Their cutting-edge technology and professional staff eased my concerns about the procedure and made for an incredible experience.”

If you’ve been living with cataracts, nearsightedness, farsightedness, retinal conditions, or other ophthalmological conditions, it’s time to live your best life – and Hoopes will help you find it. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Hoopes Vision or call 801-568-0200.