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Elmo absolutely freaked out about cookies on ‘Sesame Street.’ Here’s why

Elmo has gone viral for freaking out, becoming an internet sensation

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Elmo, from the Sesame Street Live, at the Tampa, Fla., hospital.

Elmo, from the Sesame Street Live, “Elmo Makes Music,” show, visits with St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital patient Xiomara Nunez, 5, of Tampa, Friday, Oct. 5, 2012 at the Tampa, Fla., hospital.

Associated Press

Elmo has become the source of internet chatter after a newly-resurfaced clip from “Sesame Street” shows Elmo going full savage mode in an unhinged rant.

Elmo — yes, the loveable puppet from “Sesame Street” — goes absolutely bonkers because of a feud with a literal rock named Rocco.

In a now-viral clip, Elmo asks human friend Gabi for a cookie. But she doesn’t have any left. So Elmo assumes he can take a cookie from Rocco, the dead rock of a character. But Zoe, a fellow muppet, tells Elmo that he can’t have the cookie because Rocco wants to eat it.

“Rocco’s a rock, Zoe! Rocco won’t know the difference!” Elmo yells.

Elmo then goes absolutely bonkers on Zoe.

“How? How is Rocco going to eat that cookie, Zoe? Tell Elmo! Rocco doesn’t even have a mouth! Rocco’s just a rock! Rocco’s not alive!” 

The clip — funny enough — aired back on May 3, 2004, according to NBC News. It has more than 7.2 million views.

The Elmo-Rocco feud began in 1999 when the rock first appeared on the show. Since then, Elmo has often gotten angered by the rock.

Per NBC News, the argument over the cookie ends with Gabi telling Zoe to let Elmo have the cookie because Elmo has been nice to Rocco all day. So, Zoe gives Elmo the cookie.

  • Elmo seemed to put some hysteria to rest in his own tweet, too.
  • “Don’t worry everybody! Elmo and Zoe practiced sharing and are still best buds forever! Elmo loves you Zoe! Ha ha ha!” Elmo tweeted. “Elmo doesn’t want to talk about Rocco.”

This feud, though, is getting out of hand on the internet. In fact, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently weighed in on the feud, issuing a warning to Elmo that he’ll come to Sesame Street and eat all the cookies, according to ComicBook.com.

All in all, just a wild week for Elmo.