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Canadian town hosting statue tribute to Cheetos dust

The 17-foot-tall statue was unveiled in sound-alike Cheadle, Alberta

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As Cheetos releases a new popcorn snack, the brand revealed the name of the leftover Cheeto-dust residue left behind on fingers: Cheetle.

The Canadian town of Cheadle, Alberta, recently unveiled a 17-foot-tall statue tribute to Cheetos dust.

Screenshot, Cheetos

Canadians in Alberta are abuzz over the unveiling of a gigantic new statue. Just picture it: Two massive fingers and a thumb — the whole thing close to 17 feet tall — clutching an even-bigger Cheetos Puff, the fingertips of course smudged with the orange powder the treat always distributes freely.

That smudgy dust is called cheetle. And according to NPR, Cheadle, Alberta, was selected for the statue’s unveiling because the town’s name is practically a sound-alike twin.

As Delish explains, Cheeto erected the statue in a city that boasts just 83 residents.

You don’t have to rush there to see it, either. Cheetos plans to take the statue on the road starting Nov. 4.

According to the news release from PepsiCo, “Cheetos lovers are some of the most passionate snackers in the game, and they know you can’t enjoy the cheesy snack without getting your fingertips a little — okay, a lot — messy.”

It may not be the world’s most unusual marketing ploy — after all, you can still encounter the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile randomly, since six of them are driving around the United States at any given time, according to the company.

It may not even be the strangest statue. As xyuandbeyond.com notes in its roundup of the world’s strangest art, there’s a massive marble mortar and pestle in Macael, Spain. And Gardens by the Bay in Singapore has a humongous Floating Baby statue.

Maybe the weirdest of all is the mockup of a Prada storefront off the highway in the West Texas desert. The “Prada Marfa” is a permanent sculptural art installation by Elmgreen and Dragset, according to its website.