On a flight from Tampa, Florida, to Newark, New Jersey, a snake slithered its way into the main cabin and shocked passengers soon after landing on Monday afternoon.

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How the snake ended up on the plane

After United Airlines Flight 2038 landed at Newark Liberty International Airport from Tampa, the Port Authority and Airport animal control officers identified the reptile in the main cabin as a harmless garter snake.

The Guardian reported that once the reptile had been removed, the officers set it free into the wild, as it did not belong to any of the passengers, Port Authority spokesperson Cheryl Ann Albiez wrote in an email regarding the situation.

Though it is unclear when the snake was first noticed on the flight, passengers eventually alerted the crew members after finding it move throughout the cabin. Once the crew members were made aware, they then “called the appropriate authorities to take care of the situation,” United Airlines said in a statement, per The Washington Post.

NBC News reported that there were no delays in airport operations or injuries due to the event.

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This is not the first time a snake has been in the main cabin on a plane

CBS affiliate WREG reported that in 2019 a python was found in a Scottish woman’s shoe after flying from Australia.

Passengers flying to Mexico City on Aeromexico Flight 231 found a snake dangling from an overhead compartment back in 2016, according to NBC News.

And Newark had another snake issue in 2019 when a passenger left their pet snake at a TSA checkpoint.