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High school 2A cross country: Kanab freshman makes splash in debut, Millard boys, North Summit girls repeat as champs

SHARE High school 2A cross country: Kanab freshman makes splash in debut, Millard boys, North Summit girls repeat as champs
Millard’s Michael Ralphs, takes the tape with a time of 16:06.5, as 2A runners compete in the state high school cross country championships at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022.

Millard’s Michael Ralphs, takes the tape with a time of 16:06.5, as 2A runners compete in the state high school cross country championships at the Regional Athletic Complex in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2022.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

It was mostly a day of repeats at the 2A state cross-country meet Tuesday, with both teams repeating as state champs and then the boys defending champ repeating as well.

But Kanab freshman Kenidee Glazier spoiled a complete day of recaps by winning the 2A girls race; her repeat wins are only a matter of time.

Glazier won the 2A state title with an impressive time of 18:27.5, 55 seconds ahead of runner-up Chayden Sargent from North Summit. Glazier went undefeated this year and could be the next great small-town Utah distance runner if she continues her current trajectory.

Glazier left the starting line with a pace like she was running a 400-meter racer and never really let up.

“It was so fun, I loved being here, I’ve loved competing. Having all the support that I had and being able to run was just fun,” said Glazier.

Sargent may have finished second in the individual race, but she was instrumental in leading North Summit to a repeat girls state title. The Braves finished with 22 points, with Millard in second place with 40 points.

Millard’s boys flipped its finish in dominating the 2A team race with 30 points, with North Sevier finishing second with 73 and North Summit placing third with 113 points.

Millard senior Michael Ralphs was a repeat individual winner, as he beat his brother, sophomore Ben Ralphs, by seven seconds for the title, 16:06.5 to 16:13.2.

Ben Ralphs said he was gaining on his big brother at the end of the race, “but not fast enough.”

Millard runners finished first, second and fourth in an impressive display.

Michael Ralphs has been instrumental in Millard’s three-peat, and he said the tradition within the program keeps building on itself.

“I feel like with the new runners coming in they get to see our history of being good and they want to contribute to it, and then us as older classmen, we just push them and encourage them,” said Michael Ralphs.

Ralphs started to pull away around the first mile and felt confident he could take it the rest of the way. His younger brother had a great view about what it takes to win a state title, something that should help the program continue to stay strong for years to come.

“They’re probably the reason I’m so fast because at practice I see them going out, him and Camden (Moat) work out, and I see them going fast and it looks like they’re flying. It’s like I could be that if I work hard enough,” said Ben Ralphs.

North Summit’s Josh Rust finished third with a time of 16:27.8, with Moat crossing the line in fourth at 16:44.7.

While Millard’s boys placed its five runners in the top 12 en route to its team title, for North Summit’s girls it was even more dominant with its top five finishing in the top seven, Chayden Sargent, Julia Rust, Ava Sargent, Adilynn Sargent and Charly Sargent.

Chayden Sargent finished second with a time of 19:22.7, while Millard sophomore Kyra Moat was third with a time of 19:42.0. She was last year’s 2A champ.

Chayden Sargent said the key for the team title for the Braves was working together in the pack.

“Staying as a pack and working with each other, using each other was key,” said Sargent.

For Glazier, she ran all by herself. She dusted the pack in the opening hundred meters and never stopped extending her lead.

Glazier has always been a great athlete in her age group, and really started to push herself in distance running this summer leading up to her first year in high school. She also played volleyball this fall.

In her first meet of the season back in August at Parowan High she won the meet by three minutes. It opened her eyes to the possibilities.

“Her first race of the season she didn’t really know what to expect but when she realized she had that talent she set a goal she wanted to be a state champion and she wanted to run under 18 minutes in a 5K, which she did earlier in the season,” said Kanab coach Levi Lefevre.

Only three girls in the history of the state have won four individual state titles, and Panguitch’s Whittni Orton is one of them. She went on to have a phenomenal college career at BYU, one of several small-town girl distance runners who’ve enjoyed great college careers through the years, along with Anna Camp and Sadie Sargent.

Glazier still has three-and-a-half years of high school running in her future before dreaming of college, but the past three months have opened her eyes to possibility and she smiles, acknowledging she’s day-dreamed about those possibilities.

Lefevre also knows the potential of his freshman runner.

“She’s right there on their level, so for me as a coach I want her to fall in love with it, which I think she has, and then we can start looking into goals and what she wants to accomplish,” said Lefevre.

Class 2A State Championships

At Regional Athletic Complex

Girls team scores

  1. North Summit, 22
  2. Millard, 40
  3. Beaver, 141
  4. American Heritage, 157
  5. South Sevier, 165
  6. Enterprise, 174
  7. APA West Valley, 178
  8. Duchesne, 186

Girls Individual results

  1. Kenidee Glazier, Kanab, 18:27.5
  2. Chayden Sargent, North Summit, 19:22.7
  3. Kyra Moat, Millard, 19:42.0
  4. Julia Rust, North Summit, 20:03.8
  5. Kara Camp, Millard, 20:19.1
  6. Ava Sargent, North Summit, 20:44.3
  7. Adilynn Sargent, North Summit, 20:44.4
  8. Charly Sargent, North Summit, 20:51.3
  9. Brooklynn Edwards, Parowan, 20:59.8
  10. Alexandria Callister, APA West Valley, 21:00.2
  11. Danielle Zwahlen, North Summit, 21:02.3
  12. Karla McCoy, North Sevier, 21:24.8
  13. Emma Stephenson, Millard, 21:41.7
  14. Kristen Remkes, Millard, 21:43.5
  15. Callie Owens, South Sevier, 21:47.0
  16. Zoie Whitaker, Millard, 21:49.5
  17. Emma Miller, North Summit, 21:51.0
  18. Clair Bray, Millard, 21:54.1
  19. Georgia Steele, American Heritage, 22:16.9
  20. Riley Gough, South Sevier, 22:29.2
  21. Stella Sutherland, Merit Prep, 22:34.3
  22. Kendall Kanarowski, Rowland Hall, 22:38.0
  23. Matilee Sudweeks, Parowan, 22:40.8
  24. Sadie Carter, Beaver, 22:44.0
  25. Addison Adams, Enterprise, 22:45.2
  26. Paige Bowler, Enterprise, 22:45.7
  27. Anne Marie Gibbs, American Heritage, 22:47.8
  28. Kyrsten Gallegos, Duchesne, 22:58.6
  29. Emilia Pinchak, Saint Joseph, 23:01.0
  30. Miranda Rivera, APA West Valley, 23:04.0
  31. Alyssa Derbidge, Beaver, 23:10.7
  32. Zaya Hilton, Gunnison, 23:10.8
  33. Lucy McMaster, Beaver, 23:23.4
  34. Sammantha Skewes, Duchesne, 23:55.8
  35. Jocelynn Peery, UM Hillfield, 23:57.6
  36. Susanna Gubler, Maeser Prep, 24:08.2
  37. Lucia Hernandez, Saint Joseph, 24:13.7
  38. Brooklin Goble, North Sevier, 24:22.6
  39. Leah Rowley, Duchesne, 24:24.9
  40. Alina Lurth, Beaver, 24:30.5
  41. Daniela Valverde, American Heritage, 24:31.3
  42. Autumn Richmond, Beaver, 24:31.7
  43. Sammy Russo, Saint Joseph CHS, 24:31.9
  44. Aubrey Marshall, Beaver, 24:34.6
  45. Elise Christenson, APA West Valley, 24:43.5
  46. Maegan Barben, South Sevier, 24:54.1
  47. Taya Jones, Enterprise, 24:56.7
  48. Imogen Cazares, Millard, 24:59.7
  49. Gracie Lawyer, American Heritage, 25:00.5
  50. Brooke Carter, South Sevier, 25:15.8
  51. Emree Staheli, Enterprise, 25:32.2
  52. Harvest Hale, American Heritage, 25:44.4
  53. Hailie Rowley, Duchesne, 25:44.8
  54. Monice Twiss, Beaver, 25:52.5
  55. Katelyn Martinez, Saint Joseph, 25:53.7
  56. Natalie Arce, APA West Valley, 26:01.3
  57. Amelia Holt, Enterprise, 26:17.4
  58. Katie Grimes, Merit Prep, 26:26.8
  59. Addisen Willardsen, Saint Joseph, 26:35.5
  60. Winston Hoffman, Rowland Hall, 26:56.8
  61. Maddi Stufflebeam, Rowland Hall, 26:59.5
  62. Olivia Jay, Merit Prep, 27:00.1
  63. Grace Fiore, Wasatch Academy, 27:00.7
  64. Cassidy Wong, Merit Prep, 27:06.9
  65. Beth Robinson, South Sevier, 27:07.6
  66. Lily Moon, Duchesne, 27:10.1
  67. Isabelle Meacham, Duchesne, 27:21.4
  68. Lily Moshirfar, Waterford, 27:25.3
  69. Holly Butler, South Sevier, 29:04.1
  70. Daniela Garcia, APA West Valley, 29:09.9
  71. Pia Piccoli, Rowland Hall, 29:31.1
  72. Ella Gibson, American Heritage, 29:34.7
  73. Erika Prasthofer, Rowland Hall, 29:38.7
  74. Katie Gardner, Enterprise, 30:03.0
  75. Sophia Pace, American Heritage, 30:46.9
  76. Jessica Brito, APA West Valley, 30:53.4
  77. Ruby McMaster, Rowland Hall, 31:28.7
  78. Rachel Bird, Duchesne, 32:02.5
  79. Abigail Tucker, Merit Prep, 32:15.9
  80. Neha Dixit, Rowland Hall, 32:24.9
  81. Shaylee Peterson, Enterprise, 33:27.5

Boys team scores

  1. Millard, 30
  2. North Sevier, 73
  3. North Summit, 113
  4. Rowland Hall, 120
  5. Kanab, 121.5
  6. San Juan, 133.5
  7. Enterprise, 139
  8. American Heritage, 205

Boys Individual results

  1. Michael Ralphs, Millard, 16:06.5
  2. Ben Ralphs, Millard, 16:13.2
  3. Josh Rust, North Summit, 16:27.8
  4. Camden Moat, Millard, 16:44.7
  5. Austin Allred, Maeser Prep, 16:50.0
  6. Keaton Hallows, North Sevier, 16:56.6
  7. Edward Lyman, San Juan, 16:58.1
  8. Will Cunningham, Rowland Hall, 17:03.5
  9. Emmitt Nelson, North Sevier, 17:12.2
  10. Tyson Brinkerhoff, Kanab, 17:25.3
  11. Mike Evelyn, Enterprise, 17:29.9
  12. James Ralphs, Millard, 17:33.7
  13. Travis Whitaker, Millard, 17:35.6
  14. Roger Cope, Enterprise, 17:36.3
  15. Austin Edwards, Parowan, 17:42.8
  16. Eli Hatton, Rowland Hall, 17:46.9
  17. Cruze Hallows, North Sevier, 17:53.0
  18. Trey Castagno, Kanab, 17:55.6
  19. Neal Padfield, North Summit, 17:57.5
  20. Austin White, North Summit, 17:57.7
  21. Daxton Jones, Kanab, 17:59.8
  22. Koby Yardley, Beaver, 18:00.5
  23. Dean Hijjawi, Rowland Hall, 18:01.5
  24. Braxton MacArt, North Sevier, 18:03.3
  25. Abram Lyman, San Juan, 18:18.8
  26. Zach Selzman, Rowland Hall, 18:20.5
  27. Jacob Johnson, North Sevier, 18:23.4
  28. Jason Kerksiek, Beaver, 18:26.0
  29. Kade Johnson, North Sevier, 18:27.2
  30. LeGrand Callister, American Heritage, 18:28.6
  31. Bryan Mellor, Merit Prep, 18:30.1
  32. Carter Fair, Merit Prep, 18:30.2
  33. Caden Johnson, North Sevier, 18:31.8
  34. Hector Arce, APA West Valley, 18:38.0
  35. Toby Ward, San Juan, 18:39.4
  36. Trace Pickering, Enterprise, 18:42.1
  37. Kolt Stott, Millard, 18:43.7
  38. Ashton Lowe, Millard, 18:46.0
  39. Noah Begay, San Juan, 18:47.8
  40. Jackson Clark, Kanab, 18:47.8
  41. Nathaniel Watterson, North Summit, 18:52.0
  42. Chase Padfield, North Summit, 18:57.0
  43. Austin Pincock, San Juan, 19:07.5
  44. Crew Evans, Enterprise, 19:08.5
  45. Walker Young, Duchesne, 19:08.9
  46. Ben Anderson, American Heritage, 19:19.1
  47. Austin Church, Kanab, 19:25.3
  48. Luke Stratton, American Heritage, 19:31.8
  49. Ben Williams, Enterprise, 19:33.8
  50. Rosendo Martine, San Juan, 19:34.0
  51. Talan Jenkins, Merit Prep, 19:40.4
  52. Tj Sessions, American Heritage, 19:41.4
  53. Jacob Pearson, American Heritage, 19:47.3
  54. Trey Hawkins, Enterprise, 19:48.6
  55. Jeff Harvey, Freedom Prep, 19:53.9
  56. Tristen Ellis, UM Hillfield, 19:55.0
  57. Will Evans, North Summit, 19:56.7
  58. Cole Hamilton, Duchesne, 19:58.3
  59. Trent Williams, Enterprise, 20:00.6
  60. Cooper Troy, Kanab, 20:04.5
  61. Dalton Rorabaugh, Saint Joseph, 20:06.0
  62. Lucas Shepherd, American Heritage, 20:06.0
  63. Max Jansen, Rowland Hall, 20:08.1
  64. Jack Brooks, Saint Joseph CHS, 20:13.6
  65. Martin Cervantes, North Summit, 20:13.6
  66. Dylan Dymek, Waterford, 20:19.1
  67. Joseph Wiseman, Merit Prep, 20:20.2
  68. Kyson Peatross, Duchesne, 20:31.0
  69. Sam Fair, Merit Prep, 20:34.4
  70. Nathan Unsworth, Kanab, 20:39.0
  71. Caleb Mellor, Merit Prep, 20:54.1
  72. Gabriel Coletti, Freedom Prep, 20:56.7
  73. Jackson Smith, Maeser Prep, 20:58.6
  74. Maxwell Bunnell, Freedom Prep, 20:59.1
  75. Coady Maples, UM Hillfield, 21:11.3
  76. Daniel Christenson, APA West Valley, 21:27.0
  77. Logan Lee, Maeser Prep Acad, 21:50.8
  78. Teegan Scharp, UM Hillfield, 21:54.5
  79. Caleb Johnson, UM Hillfield, 21:55.6
  80. Connor Walton, UM Hillfield, 22:03.2
  81. Collin Keller, Merit Prep, 22:17.1
  82. Ezra Chan, Freedom Prep, 22:17.3
  83. Jaxon Fergus, Freedom Prep, 22:34.8
  84. Maxwell Chidester, UM Hillfield HF, 23:32.5
  85. Carlos Belmont, APA West Valley, 24:02.3
  86. Mason Sokolov, APA West Valley, 24:12.6
  87. Jared Reyes, APA West Valley, 24:40.4
  88. Jack Noonan, Freedom Prep, 24:58.1