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10 last-minute Halloween costumes

Here are 10 Halloween costumes to make from stuff you already have

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Alex Cochran, Deseret News

Halloween is approaching, and if you’re anything like me, you have no clue what costume you’re wearing. Here are 10 last-minute, low-budget costumes to easily throw together with wardrobe staples, Amazon Prime and thrift stores. Each idea has suggestions, but use creativity and what you’ve already got to make it your own!

1. Cowgirl or Cowboy

This is a classic costume (I’ve done it three times) and you probably already have everything you need in your closet.

What you can use: Cowgirl or cowboy hat, cowgirl or cowboy boots, jeans, jean skirt, plaid or western-style shirt, denim or Western-style jacket, bandana and denim vest.

Amazon options under $15: Cowboy hat, classic bandana and bolo tie.

2. Tourist

Make yourself look like a cheesy beach tourist! You can get creative with your own interpretation of a tourist — maybe you have sunscreen on your nose or a towel around your neck.

What you can use: Hawaiian shirt, swim trunks, sunglasses, flip-flops or sandals, camera, tourist shop T-shirt, wide-brimmed hat and fanny pack.

Amazon options under $15: Hawaiian shirt, sun hat, sunglasses and zinc sunscreen.

3. Lumberjack

A little denim, flannel and suspenders and you’ve got a lumberjack costume. Extra points if you can grow a beard (or paint one on).

What you can use: Flannel shirt, jeans, denim jacket, beanie, suspenders, work boots, overalls and prop axe.

Amazon options under $15: Fake beard, beanie, suspenders and prop axe.

4. Spa girl (or boy)

Go to Halloween parties in full comfort this year! Dress as a self-care enthusiast in all your coziest clothes.

What you can use: Bath robe, slippers, PJs, hair towel, eye mask, headband and face mask.

Amazon options under $15: Fuzzy slippers, hair wrap towel and eye mask.

5. Robber

Dress up like the stereotypical bank robber. This is a simple, comfortable costume that’s easy for anyone to pull off.

What you can use: Black and white striped T-shirt, black beanie, black pants, burglar mask, fake money bag, black shoes and gloves.

Amazon options under $15: Black beanie, money bag prop and burglar mask.

6. Witch

A witch costume is as classic as it gets. There are many interpretations of what a witch costume should look like, so put your own personality into it.

What you can use: Witch hat, broomstick, black or purple dress, green and black striped tights, black boots and hooded black cape.

Amazon options under $15: Witch hat, hooded black cape and black and green striped socks.

7. Hippie

Hippie costumes are fairly simple to throw together. Break out your favorite tie-dye shirt and round sunglasses, tie a headband around your forehead and you’re ready to go.

What you can use: Flare-legged pants or jeans, tie-dye shirt, sunglasses, fringe vest, bandana, headband, platform shoes and peace-sign jewelry.

Amazon options under $15: Round sunglasses, hippie set, tie-dye shirt and fringe vest.

8. “Despicable Me” Minion

Dressing up as a minion is very timely with the release of “Minions 2” this summer. A yellow T-shirt and denim is just about all you need to look like one of Gru’s helpers.

What you can use: Yellow T-shirt, denim overalls, jeans, minion goggles and yellow beanie.

Amazon options under $15: Minion mask, minion goggles, yellow T-shirt and yellow beanie.

9. Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams is the perfect moody Halloween icon, and it’s really simple to dress like her. All you need is two braids and a white collar under a black sweater.

What you can use: White-collared shirt, black dress, black sweater, black skirt or pants, black tights, black shoes and red nail polish.

Amazon options under $15: White collared shirt, black tights and black sweatshirt.

10. Ghost

Now for the ultimate lazy Halloween costume — dress up as a ghost. Cut two holes in a white sheet and you’re done.

What you can use: White sheet or tablecloth.

Amazon options under $15: White king size flat sheet.