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The new charcuterie board: Everything you need to know about butter boards

Butter boards are trending on TikTok. Here’s what are they and how to make one

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Debbie Brown works on a butter cow during setup at the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012. Brown has been creating yearly versions of the butter cow for 15 years.

Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

A board of butter? This might seem like an unlikely snack, but it’s been trending on TikTok for a couple of weeks now. Food blogger Justine Doiron, also known as Justine Snacks, filmed a video of herself making what she called “a butter board” and since then, interest in butter boards has peaked.

Fox News reported that the originator of butter boards is chef Joshua McFadden. McFadden included the concept of butter boards in his 2017 cookbook “Six Seasons.”

Making a butter board is a fairly simple process. Take a stick of butter and spread it on a charcuterie board. At this point, you can add herbs or spices or honey — whatever you want. Then, you serve it with bread and use each piece to scoop up a little butter.

Some butter board recipes, like this one from Modern Honey, involves a more complex process. This smorgasbord of sweet and savory butters has a wide range of flavor options, like pomegranate or berries.

This trend signifies a resurgence in communal food after the world-wide pandemic prevented such activities. The New York Times reported, “And as eaters become more comfortable with communal dining two and a half years into a pandemic, the resurgence of shareable recipes comes as little surprise. The butter board is an augur of feasts to come.”