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Hallmark channel’s new fall movies 2022 —what to watch

Hallmark has some new fall-themed movies for 2022

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Amy, an up-and-coming novelist, returns to her hometown to look after her stubborn grandfather Tom and his pumpkin-themed store while confronting an old flame from her past in Hallmark’s “Pumpkin Everything.”

Steven Ackerman, Hallmark

Hallmark movie season is not limited to Christmas — at least, it doesn’t have to be. It’s time to get cozy and flip back to the Hallmark channel. Ease into the season of endless romantic movies with a couple new (and old) fall-themed Hallmark movies.

‘Pumpkin Everything’


Corey Sevier, Michael Ironside and Taylor Cole in “Pumpkin Everything.”

Steven Ackerman, Hallmark

Up-and-coming author Amy Fox is the next big thing. In the midst of her burgeoning success, Amy is called back home to her charming small town to help her grandfather. Amy’s grandfather, Tom, is aging and needs help maintaining his pumpkin-themed store during its busiest season. Almost immediately upon her arrival, Amy must confront Mike, a former flame.

When can I watch it? “Pumpkin Everything” premieres Saturday, Oct. 8, at 6 p.m. MDT on the Hallmark channel.

‘Autumn in the City’


Evan Roderick and Aimee Teegarden in “Autumn in the City.”

Hugh Tull, Hallmark

Seeking a fresh start, Piper optimistically moves to New York City. Piper dedicates herself to two months in New York to find her passion. As she goes between temp jobs, Piper gets to know her jaded neighbor, Austin, an aspiring writer. The pair gets close as they discover the city together and team up to start a children’s book project.

When can I watch it? “Autumn in the City” premieres Saturday, Oct. 15, at 6 p.m. MDT on the Hallmark channel.

‘Falling for Look Lodge’


Jonathan Keltz and Clark Backo in “Falling for Look Lodge.”

MarVista Entertainment

Lily’s dream is to be a hotel event coordinator. She is delighted when she's given the opportunity to help Noah, a hotel guest, finish plan his sister Justine’s wedding. Lily and Noah get close as they make plans for Justine’s wedding at a remote lodge.

When can I watch it? Stream “Falling for Look Lodge” here.

‘Pumpkin Pie Wars’


Julie Gonzalo, Lucia Frnaglione and Eric Aragon in “Pumpkin Pie Wars.”

Bettina Strauss., Crown Media United

After a falling out during a local pumpkin pie war, Faye and Lydia each opened their own bakeries in Emeryville, Ohio. Now their children, Sam and Casey, are preparing to compete against each other in the annual pumpkin pie war. Sparks fly and the two rival bakers compete for the prize.

When can I watch it? Stream “Pumpkin Pie Wars” here.

‘Harvest Moon’


Jesse Hutch and Jessy Schram in “Harvest Moon.”

Bettina Strauss, Crown Media United

Jennifer, a former trust-fund baby and city girl, is called to the country when her family goes bankrupt. Jennifer must help her father bring life to a run-down pumpkin farm he bought as an investment. In her efforts to assist her father, Jennifer butts heads with Brett, the handsome farm manager.

When can I watch it? Stream “Harvest Moon” here.