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Halloween Happy Meals are back. Here’s how to get one

The golden-arch hamburger chain announced that Boo Buckets are back

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A McDonald’s restaurant in El Cerrito, Calif.

In this Jan. 26, 2009, file photo, a McDonald’s restaurant in El Cerrito, Calif., is seen.

Ben Margot, Associated Press

McDonald’s announced that Boo Bucket Happy Meals would return to the chain for a limited time starting on Tuesday. According to Axios, the chain hasn’t used boo buckets for six years. This news follows McDonald’s recent move of making adult Happy Meals.

Boo Buckets are Halloween pails that the chain has used for Happy Meals before. All Recipes reported, “The Halloween pails are returning to their roots and will feature the three original characters from 1986: McBoo (a ghost), McPunk’n (a pumpkin), and McGoblin (a witch).”

Axios reported that the pails will double as the toys. They are available at all participating locations. Check with your local McDonalds to see if they are participating.

CNET added that these buckets come in three colors: the ghost is white, the pumpkin is orange and the witch is green. They also reported that there seems to be a new unusual decorative lid on the box.

These buckets are only available through Halloween.

According to KSHB, there are nine different boo buckets — three different colors, each with three different faces. If you’re looking to collect them all, then you will have to eat quite a few Happy Meals.

This isn’t the only Happy Meal news that has come from McDonald’s recently. The chain recently announced a partnership with Cactus Plant Flea Market to make adult Happy Meals full of nostalgia and bigger meals — either a 10-piece chicken nugget or Big Mac.

After hearing the announcement about adult Happy Meals, some wished for Boo Buckets to return as well.

It seems that those wishes were quickly answered. Boo Buckets will be available from Oct. 18 through Halloween.