For between $2 and $6 for a gallon of gasoline, you can move your vehicle, let’s say, 30 miles. For less than $1 you can move an electric vehicle 30 miles. I’m not making this up; I am living it. I haven’t spent more money; I’ve simply made a different set of choices over several years.

As more people switch to electric vehicles, who is going to supply the skyrocketing demand for electricity?

Among other states, Utah.

According to National Renewable Energy Laboratory studies, the Western USA is a potential Saudi Arabia of economically viable wind, solar and geothermal energy resources, and Utah is among the best positioned for a bonanza in renewables. And, according to an Energy Information Administration study “Energy Outlook 2022,” wind, solar, geothermal and carbon storage offer energy at prices that can’t be beat, not by coal, not by oil, not even by natural gas.

We’re leaving oil and coal behind as energy resources, and this is something to celebrate, not fear. Utah’s economy will flourish, the air will be cleaner, our health will be better and our one and only atmosphere won’t be jammed full with greenhouse gases.

Charles Ashurst