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10 family games to spread some holiday cheer this year

These 10 fun and unique games are a great way to interact with family members and create lasting memories

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Games can help a family connect and make new memories this holiday season and they don’t have to take a lot of planning.

Games can help a family connect and make new memories this holiday season and they don’t have to take a lot of planning.

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Looking for some family games to liven up the holidays?

Here are 10 games that can satisfy a competitive family and some that everyone — even grandparents and small children — can play.

Games can help a family connect and make new memories this holiday season, and they don’t have to take a lot of planning. Most of these games can be used with things found around the house if holiday boredom hits.

Remember 10 all of these games are adaptable and you can change them up to make it more unique or accessible for your family.

1. Pop the balloon

This one is a classic minute-to-win-it game. Each player gets a balloon tied to their ankle with a string. When it’s time to play, everyone tries to step on each other’s balloons and pop other people’s balloon before they get their own. To win the game, you must have the last inflated balloon.

2. The napkin challenge

This is a game for those family members who love a race. An open staircase is required. Each player stands on the top of the staircase with a napkin or tissue. One at a time, the napkin is released and the player has to run down the stairs and catch the napkin before it hits the ground. Here’s an example by Dude Perfect.

3. Whipped cream challenge

With it being the holidays, who doesn’t have whipped cream on hand? This one is perhaps the simplest party game of all. Whipped cream is sprayed on the back of the hand — balled in a fist — and slapped to launch it into the air. Each player tries to maneuver and catch the whipped cream in their mouth. It’s a great way to get some extra sugar in!


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4. Pingpong swipe challenge

All you need is a pingpong ball and a hard, flat surface for this one. The goal to be the player who can swipe their hand the most times, while touching the table, under the bouncing pingpong ball. The hard part? You cannot touch the ball. Can you beat this family?

5. Sugar or salt?

You’ll need sugar, salt and a spoon for each player. All but one spoon will have sugar on it, and only one with salt. This is a game of poker face, where even if you get the salted spoon, you don’t want to show it. Everyone has to guess who got the spoon with salt.

6. Candle blow challenge

You’ll have to have good lungs for this one game because it requires you to control your breath.

Line up some tealights on a flat surface. Placing prizes — or punishments — next to each candle is optional and usually makes the stakes a little higher. After lighting each candle, a player will step up and try to blow out as many as they can to get the prize or out-compete other players.

7. Cling wrap ball

This is probably the game with the most prepwork, but it still doesn’t take long.

Start with a small ball of cling wrap and put a small prize and another layer of cling wrap around the prize. Keep doing this over and over, slowly adding more prizes and cling wrap until you have a big ball. (Pro-tip: cut the cling wrap as you wrap so it doesn’t come off as easily).

Start with everyone in a circle and a set of dice. The first person starts to unwrap the ball, while the dice goes around the circle and everyone tries to roll doubles. When doubles are rolled, the dice roller steals the ball and unwraps until another person rolls doubles. You get to keep any prizes that they unwrap.

Go until the ball is gone!

8. Mystery plate string

To set this game up, a string must be connected to several plates with the other end fed through an upside-down plastic cup, with a hole cut out of the bottom. Each plate gets a different surprise, or punishment. Whatever string you pull decides your fate!


The Mystery String Challenge 😂

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9. Moneyball

This one is a popular one, and players can score big in some cases.

A small ball that can roll, a flat surface, plastic cups and prizes are required for this game.

At the end of a table or other flat surface off the floor, cups will be taped with different cash prize amounts. Each player gets a turn to roll three balls — or however many you want — on the table into the cups to see what they win.

10. Mustache TV match

If it’s come to the end of the day and everyone is tired and ready to relax, watching a Christmas movie can be the way to go.

Everyone — and I mean everyone — can do this game.

Each player gets a unique mustache sticker— or a mustache drawn on a paper with tape attached— and puts it on the TV screen. When the mustache lines up with a character’s face, that player gets a point. The player with the most successful mustache to face matchups wins.

These are just a few of the many games that bring your family closer this holiday season.