The highly-anticipated first half of the Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan” officially dropped on the streaming platform on Thursday. According to first reactions, the series which promised to be “unprecedented” turns out to be mostly a repeat of what we’ve already heard.

Critics shared mostly harsh reviews on the first three episodes of the six-part series. William Booth and Karla Adam with The Washington Post claim that so far, the series has covered “well-trodden plot points.”

Markle wanted an opportunity to share the story from her own perspective, “When the stakes are this high, doesn’t it make more sense to hear our story from us?” Markle asked in the trailer for the series, as previously reported by the Deseret News.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s attempts to stay relevant are earning the couple a major profit

First reactions to ‘Harry & Meghan’ Part 1:

  • Jessie Thompson, with the Independent, says viewers get a more casual look of the couple, but adds, “They say they want to be able to tell their story, a story they feel they weren’t allowed to tell before, but now seem to tell professionally for a living.” Thompson continues, “There are no major revelations here.”
  • According to Booth and Adam at The Washington Post, the series aims criticisms at the British tabloids rather than the royal family, claiming the series “mostly focused on the origin story of the royal couple and their long-running feud with Britain’s tabloid press.”
  • In a more positive review from Variety, Daniel D’Addario mentions how Harry and Meghan help their community. “Harry and Meghan are people who strive to do good: Harry’s work with veterans, for instance, is admirable, and we see it onscreen as the one time he’s truly at ease.”
  • “The supposedly controversial ‘Harry and Meghan’ Netflix documentary turned out to be a big snooze,” Lauren Sarner said in the New York Post, adding that the series shares “nothing new.”
  • In a scathing review of the series, Lucy Mangan with The Guardian called the series “sickening.” Mangan believes the couple share relatively nothing new, saying the show tells “exactly the same story we always knew.”
  • “It’s not all sweetness. They have a few targets in their sights, but they’re well outside the palace gates,” wrote Stephanie Bunbury with Deadline.

What are fans saying about the series?

Fans who have watched the series are sharing mixed reviews about it on Twitter. Some fans claim the series provided them with compassion for the couple, while others are more critical.

When does Part 2 come out?

Part 2 will be released on Netflix Dec. 15.