Gina Carano — after her controversial exit from “The Mandalorian” — is back on the big screen in a new upcoming western film “Terror on the Prairie.”

The news: The Daily Wire’s YouTube channel and Ben Shapiro’s released a new trailer for “Terror on the Prairie,” showing Carano back in the spotlight.

  • The film centers around a family who is trying to survive against a gang of outlaws looking for revenge.
  • Carano’s scenes in the trailer are packed with action. She carries a shotgun, battles in a knife fight and promptly looks ready for a battle.
  • “I’m going to pack the wagon and take our children out of this ... place,” Carano says in the trailer.
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The bigger picture: “When people hear that a conservative media company has entered the film business, they’ll often assume we’re making either hyper-politicized movies or milquetoast dramas, but we have no interest in producing Hillary’s Hard Drive Part III or Christmas Romance in the Rockies,” said Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

  • “We’re making top-quality entertainment that all Americans can love.”

One thought to go: The film releases this summer through Daily Wire.