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The new ‘Moon Knight’ trailer wasn’t much, but it was enough

The new ‘Moon Knight’ trailer gave us an idea of what to expect on the show

SHARE The new ‘Moon Knight’ trailer wasn’t much, but it was enough
A look at the new “Moon Knight” poster.

A look at the new “Moon Knight” poster that was released during the Super Bowl.

Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios released a new trailer for the upcoming Disney+ show “Moon Knight” on Super Bowl Sunday, giving us another glimpse for the forthcoming Marvel series.

What happened: The new “Moon Knight” trailer gives us a good look at how Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant and Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow will interact on the show.

  • This trailer shows off Moon Knight as a fighter.
  • It also gives breathtaking shots of Moon Knight as he moves throughout the night.
  • We also see our first glimpse of Moon Knight as Mr. Knight, a version of the character who wears an all-white suit so that his enemies can see him coming.

Flashback: Marvel Studios released the first trailer for “Moon Knight” in January. The trailer showed us more of Grant as he comes to terms with the idea that he has multiple personalities and his connection to an Egyptian deity.

  • That trailer focused on Grant grappling with his weird dreams and how those dreams may be impacting his life.

Release date: “Moon Knight” premieres on Disney+ on March 30.