NBA 2K22 has shared new details about the upcoming MyTeam mode’s Season 5. We received the details early and have dropped the highlights below.

  • The new theme for season 5 is “Power Within” and it includes an anime theme.

What is the NBA 2K22 MyTeam mode?

NBA 2K22 is a simulation basketball video game that has a number of different modes, including a normal exhibition mode (where you can pick teams to play against) and a franchise mode (where you can control an entire franchise).

  • The MyTeam mode is a specific mode where you build a fantasy NBA roster using digital cards, which can be obtained through challenges, agendas, events, or by opening digital packs (almost like real-life basketball cards).
  • Every card has a different tier. Gold cards are the lowest tier, followed by emerald, sapphire, ruby, amethyst, diamond, pink diamond, galaxy opal and dark matter.
  • MyTeam has six-week seasons. Each season has a different theme and ultimate player reward for reaching Level 40, which can be achieved by gaining points from challenges.

Quick details of NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 5:

Two new players — For the first time, NBA 2K will be adding Duke University star Paolo Banchero and Galaxy Opal Cincinnatus Powell into the game.

Photo of free Agent Paolo Banchero.
Free Agent Paolo Banchero has been added into NBA 2K22. | NBA 2K22

New event murals — Season 5 will have three new events based around completing a mural.

  • Completing an event will earn you a Galaxy Opal reward player.
  • Completing the murals for all three of these players will earn you a Dark Matter player.
  • These events will only be around in Season 5.
  • It’s unclear if the events will be similar to previous in NBA 2K22, which centered around collecting items in packs.
  • NBA 2K mentioned Kevin Durant and 2019 first-round pick Rui Hachimura as featured stars of the season, so these two might be one of those mural sets if I were to guess.

Dynamic Ratings — A new base set of the current NBA players will be added this season, adding 400 new player cards.

  • The stats for these players will update throughout the rest of the season based on real-life performances.

Dynamic Rating Domination tier — You can compete against the new base set of cards in a new tier of Domination (where you play against all 30 teams).

  • The reward for completing all the games on the highest difficulty is Galaxy Opal Paul Millsap

NBA 75 — The six NBA 75th anniversary card collections — which featured cards of players on the NBA’s 75 players list — will be finished in Season 5.

  • The 2000s and the 2010s will be completed on March 1.
  • The ‘80s/’90s collection will follow, with the ‘60s/’70s being the final set.
  • The reward for collecting an entire decade’s cards will be a dark matter player.

NBA 75 rewards — Gamers can vote for their pick for the NBA 75 rewards on the MyTeam Twitter account.

  • Options for the 2010s collection reward include Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Zion Williamson and Joel Embiid. It’s unclear who will be available for the 2000s set.
  • Poll results for the 2010 and 2000s rewards will be released Friday.
  • The new reward card will be available on Tuesday.
  • Voting for the next week’s rewards will begin next Wednesday and Thursday.
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Historic coaches — New historic coach cards will be added into packs.

  • New coach cards include Don Nelson, Rick Adelman, Jerry Sloan, Lenny Wilkins, Larry Brown and more.
  • Phil Jackson, Doc Rivers, Mike D’Antoni, Erik Spoelstra, and Ty Lue will get new legendary cards.
  • And Galaxy Opal Gregg Popovich will be available, too.

Moments of the Month — The new Moments of the Month challenges will return on March 8, allowing gamers to earn rewards based on actual real-life NBA moments.

  • There will be “more new reward additions to MyTeam throughout the season,” 2K said in a press release.

Galaxy Opal rewards — “You will be able to fill out a full lineup of Galaxy Opal reward cards during Season 5,” 2K said in a press release.

What are the MyTeam Season 5 Rewards?

  • Level 1 — Free agent Duke University star Paolo Banchero
  • Level 40 reward — Dark Matter Ray Allen
  • Domination reward — Galaxy Opal Paul Millsap
  • Unlimited — Galaxy Opal Cincinnatus Powell
  • Limited mode — Galaxy Opal DeMarcus Cousins
  • Ascension Board — TBD
  • Draft Ascension Board — Galaxy Opal Richard Hamilton
  • Triple Threat total wins — TBD
  • Triple Threat Online — TBD
  • Crunch Time Wheel — Galaxy Opal Shawn Kemp
  • Crunch Time (10 wins) — TBD
  • Crunch Time (30 wins) — TBD
  • Crunch Time (50 wins) — TBD
  • Crunch Time (100 wins) — TBD
  • Exchange — Galaxy Opal Sidney Moncrief
Photo of Galaxy Opal Paul Millsap in NBA 2K22.
A photo of Galaxy Opal Paul Millsap in NBA 2K22. | NBA 2K22

What we didn’t learn about season 5:

  • It’s still unclear if there will be a new round of Spotlight Sims.
  • We don’t know the rewards for a number of modes, including the Triple Threat Offline and Triple Threat Online rewards.
  • There’s no update about potential patches to defense and offense.

Correction: This article previously said Galaxy Opal Sidney Moncrief was a token reward. He’s in the exchange.

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