The fourth episode of “Moon Knight” will have something “extremely exciting” for audiences when it debuts in April, directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead told the Deseret News.

Driving the news: “Episode Four has something in it that’s extremely exciting for us,” Moorhead said.

  • “We can’t say a whole lot more because that’s gonna ruin all the fun,” he added.
  • However, Moorhead said “the thing that happens” will have “consequences” that “ripple out.”
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The backdrop: Benson and Moorhead told me that there were a number of production meetings before the show was made where cast and crew would read through the scripts, but they would also present new ideas.

  • Moorhead said there was one animal that appears in episodes two and four that they thought would get cut out. But Marvel Studios, he said, demanded they keep the animal.

The bigger picture: “Moon Knight” tells the story of museum gift shop employee Steven Grant, who learns he has dissociative identity disorder. He learns he has multiple personalities, including Marc Spector, a mercenary.

Worth noting: “Moon Knight” is a series set to debut on Disney+ beginning on March 30. The show will have six episodes, which have been billed as a six-episode event.

  • “I think each episode very much has its own personality,” Benson said.
  • “They all have their own thing,” he added.

“Moon Knight” premieres on Disney+ beginning March 30.