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Dolly Parton’s new book ‘Run, Rose, Run’ with James Patterson is a Southern thriller

Dolly Parton is a gift that keeps on giving. In partnership with James Patterson, a bestselling novelist, the new novel is a thriller, exploring the music industry

SHARE Dolly Parton’s new book ‘Run, Rose, Run’ with James Patterson is a Southern thriller

This cover image released by Butterfly Records shows “Run, Rose, Run” by Dolly Parton. The iconic singer also has a book co-authored by James Patterson releasing this week with the same title.

Butterfly Records via Associated Press

Whether it's donating $1 million to help fund the Moderna vaccine or being nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Dolly Parton does it all.

Parton will now be adding novelist to her long list of credentials with a new novel in collaboration with bestselling author James Patterson.

What is Dolly Parton’s new novel about?

The novel, “Run, Rose, Run,” was released on March 7. It is about an aspiring country singer named AnnieLee, who travels to Nashville. According to the synopsis, “she’s also on the run. Find a future, lose a past. Nashville is where she’s come to claim her destiny. It’s also where the darkness she’s fled might find her. And destroy her.” 

In a sense, the story is a cautionary tale about the industry, according to Parton.

“You see all that. All the managers, people that will rip you off, they try to steal your songs, they’ll con you, they’ll do whatever. I have seen it all,” Parton said, whose first hit song “Joshua” became the No. 1 hit in 1971, per CBS News.

An odd pair

This pairing between the queen of country music and a former manhattan ad executive may be unusual for a book but Parton was adamant about contributing in all the ways that she could.

“If I take on a job, a partnership with somebody, I’m gonna do my part. I mean, how would I have been able to promote that book if I did not have some involvement? How would I have allowed that? Because if people ask me, I’d felt like the biggest liar in the world,” she said.

She didn’t write dialogue but songs that help shape the characters.

Parton also released a companion album, “Run, Rose, Run,” released on March 4 with 12 songs.

What’s next? A movie adaptation?

In the audiobook for “Run, Rose, Run,” Parton voiced Ruthanna, a retired singer who crosses paths with AnnieLee, the main character.

Parton hopes she can play her character on the big screen as well.

“I’m hoping to get to play that character when we do a movie of the book, which we hope to do at some point,” Parton said on CBS Sunday Morning.