Uber Eats will now allow everyone in a group order to pay separately for their own food, a welcome change for those who were often stuck footing the bill for their friends (ahem).

Details: Uber Eats released a new feature that will allow people to split the bill.

  • The new option will allow people to pick what they want to eat in a group order and pay for their items while they do it.
  • Uber Eats is also adding a new deadline for group orders and auto-reminder notifications to make sure people place the order.
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How it works: Per CNBC, the new group order feature begins with one person picking a restaurant or fast food joint and sending the link out to an entire group.

  • Everyone in the group picks their food.
  • Everyone then pays for their own meal.
  • The food is then delivered in a single order.

Why it matters: The new feature “might help couples at home as much as it might friends on a night out,” according to Tech Crunch.

  • “This might also put pressure on rivals that either don’t have group orders or limit them to businesses paying from company accounts,” Tech Crunch reports.