How do you go about telling a story that was a lifetime in the making? 

Even if the time frame is shortened to an athlete’s four or five years in college, how do you put into words the impact and meaning of a collegiate career? 

That is the challenge every year when it comes to representing the experiences of gymnasts whose time with Utah gymnastics has come to an end. 

Rather than make an ill-fated attempt at it, we’ve let the gymnasts speak for themselves ahead of the final meet of their careers.

Here is what Utah senior Adrienne Randall had to say.

“I can’t truly put into words how grateful I am to have been able to have the opportunity to compete and learn so much from the University of Utah, let alone the Utah gymnastics program.

It’s been an absolute privilege to compete for one of the most cultured, storied programs in all of NCAA Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics. I remember that little freshman in high school who just loved the sport and had her eyes opened to a whole new experience of college gymnastics. This program has done an unreal job at making my experience nothing less than unbelievable. 

I first want to thank my mom for being the best there is, and doing more than everything to help me get this far in my career. Without her, I don’t think that little girl who started gymnastics 19 years ago would have had the opportunity to do the sport she loves through J.O., Elite and college.

Gymnastics has always held such a special place in my heart, and looking back at every experience, injury, and hard practice, it was worth every little thing because it’s those days that make you grateful. 

Previous to the U., I attended SCEGA Gymnastics where I can’t even find the words to describe how thankful I am for every day spent there. Without them and their program, I don’t think that I would have had the opportunities I did, and to have the honor of being here.

I also want to thank at the time co-head coaches Tom (Farden) and Megan (Marsden) where they gave that little girl with huge dreams a chance to live them out at one of the most storied, elite programs. 

My freshman year was definitely special in different ways, but the one thing that stuck out to me the most was the team atmosphere. Before coming to college you are a team, but compete a lot for yourself individually whereas when you get here the ballgame is so different.

At the same time, it is such an incredible feeling to compete for those who stand right behind you. Previously to this I had broken my wrist where I had to get surgery to repair, but this program was nothing short of helping and rehabbing me as soon as possible back right before my sophomore year.

This was another year to remember. It was an undefeated year, and it’s indescribable to me because this team was something so special, until the heartbreak of a shortened season where COVID-19 ended us right before the postseason. I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world because of how it bonded us and truly made us stronger for the 2021 season.

Another unbelievable year where we finished third in the country, and once again an indescribable year I wouldn’t have changed a thing for the world. Then onto senior year was truly an experience of ups and downs, but that’s the sport of gymnastics and I wouldn’t have changed how any of it played out. 

I’m beyond stoked to have had the opportunity to compete for this program, create such a strong bond with my teammates that I’ll hold onto for the rest of my life, and ultimately learn so much from this sport that I will be forever grateful for. Thank you to everyone who has impacted my time in this sport. You will all hold a special place in my heart forever.”