It didn’t take long for Wordle to become a phenomenon — in a matter of months, the five-letter word game has taken the world by storm and spawned countless spinoffs. Now, the game has generated so much attention that it even got its own category on “Jeopardy!

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Wordle gets a category on ‘Jeopardy!’

On Friday’s episode of “Jeopardy!,” hosted by Ken Jennings, a category called “5-letter Wordles” made its way onto the game board. The category, Jennings explained to contestants, featured previous answers to the popular online game.

Can you answer the four clues below? (All answers are at the bottom of the article.)

  1. “Monastery: ___ ___ ___ e y.”
  2. “Trite: ___ a ___ a ___.”
  3. “A special privilege (the American spelling made some Brit players angry): ___ ___ v ___ ___.”
  4. “To bind: ___ ___ ___ s s.”

Is there an official ‘Jeopardy!’ host?

It’s been several months since Sony ousted Mike Richards from his positions as executive producer and “Jeopardy!” host.

Last week, Sony announced that Michael Davies — who has been filling in as interim executive producer — would officially take the executive producer position, Variety reported.

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  • “I am both honored and humbled by the faith the studio and the staff have put in me,” Davies wrote on the “Jeopardy!” website. “Over the next few months, the scope of our plans will become clear. But, for now I just want to thank everyone in the ‘Jeopardy!’ community for your phenomenal support.”

“Jeopardy!” still hasn’t announced Alex Trebek’s successor, but Jennings and Mayim Bialik have been sharing hosting responsibilities throughout the show’s 38th season, which runs through July 29, the Deseret News reported. The show is expected to announce an official host after that, according to Variety.

(Answers 1. abbey; 2. banal; 3. favor; 4. truss)