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‘Moon Knight’ theory: Who is in the third sarcophagus?

‘Moon Knight’ might bring us another hero in the final two episodes of the show

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Marc Spector/Steven Grant in “Moon Knight.”

Marc Spector/Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) in “Moon Knight.”

Marvel Studios

Warning: This episode contains spoilers for “Moon Knight” episodes 1-4.

The final moments of “Moon Knight” Episode 4 presented so many crazy moments — from Marc Spector and Steven Grant finally meeting in person to the appearance of the Egyptian god Taweret (a hippopotamus).

  • But there’s one looming question — who is in the sarcophagus?

Details: The final moments of the episode show Marc and Steven walking through what appears to be a mental health institute or psychiatric hospital. In fact, the show’s villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) is the lead doctor there, giving his diagnosis to Marc and Steven.

  • During one moment, Marc and Steven stumble upon a sarcophagus.
  • It shakes as if there’s someone inside trying to break out of it. But Marc and Steven roll on past it, unbothered and unsure about opening it.

Flashback: So, as we know, Marc and Steven can swap out control of their body. They will swap positions for who is in control.

  • But there have been some earlier moments in the series that have left us puzzled because neither Marc nor Steven remember taking control during particular moments.
  • For example, in the third episode, Marc and Steven both find themselves having killed people while searching for Ammet’s tomb, but neither take responsibility for it.
  • There’s also a moment where Marc wakes up in a taxi cab headed for the airport — even though he has no recollection of getting in the cab. Steven denies having done it, too.

The bottom line: The simplest answer is that this is the third personality for Marc and Steven. In the Marvel comics, another personality is Jake Lockley, a cab driver alternate personality for Marc and Steven. There’s also a chance that it could be Moon Knight, who is deemed another alternate version of the character in the comics.

  • But so far, we’ve seen Marc control Moon Knight and Steven control Mr. Knight, owning their own suits. So it’s unlikely a Moon Knight personality would emerge from the sarcophagus, right?
  • Jake Lockley makes the most sense as another personality, bringing us a more savage and violent version of our hero.

Yes, but: The Ringer’s Daniel Chin posits that there could be another Marvel character waiting for us in the sarcophagus.

What he said: “There’s always the chance that there’s another person in the sarcophagus altogether, leaving the opportunity for a cameo that connects ‘Moon Knight’ to the greater MCU; this is still a Marvel show, after all,” he wrote.