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BYU’s ‘Cougar Tail’ is No. 1 collegiate speciality concession

With around 5,000 Cougar Tails sold at every BYU football game, the donut is the most popular speciality concession.

SHARE BYU’s ‘Cougar Tail’ is No. 1 collegiate speciality concession
Lavell Edwards Stadium, September 19, 2009.

Kenny Crookston

A 16-inch maple donut sounds like a sugar rush, but Brigham Young University fans call it a “Cougar Tail.” This iconic concession tops the charts in nationwide collegiate concessions, as it is the top-selling concession . During football games, around 5,000 of these donuts are sold to fans.

BYU’s food has hit the headlines before. Whether it is the chocolate brownie milk in celebration of the campus winning the most sober award 21 years in a row or the creamery’s creative ice cream flavors, the campus’ sugary confections are iconic. Perhaps none as iconic as the Cougar Tail.

Cougar Tails were first invented in 2006 and originally did not sell well, the Daily Herald reported. But eventually, the sales boomed and BYU had to scramble to accommodate production of them. This donut is so popular that it has been trademarked, so impostors are off the table.

The Deseret News’ Sam Benson observed that if you stacked up all of the Cougar Tails sold during BYU football games, it would be taller than six Eiffel Towers.

Radio reporter David Boyle calculated that if you lined up all the Cougar Tails sold, you could go from the cougar statue outside BYU’s LaVell Edwards Stadium to doing a lap at the track and still make it to Brick Oven.

As if a 16-inch donut is not long enough, BYU once embarked on a mission to break the world record for longest maple donut. The school made a donut a quarter of a mile long. Dean Wright said, “On the morning of the event, our pastry chef will fit the 1,260 Cougar Tails together, end to end, to create one continuous Cougar Tail — a quarter of a mile long.”

Now with the highest sales of any speciality collegiate concession, the Cougar Tail has another award to its name.