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Tired of the Utah cookie wars? Try a donut

There doesn’t seem to be a donut war in Utah (yet) — try a donut at Banbury Cross Donuts’ new location in Centerville

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A photograph of a donut with pink frosting that has a bite taken out of it set against a bright yellow background.

Birgith Roosipuu, Unsplash

The Utah cookie wars have heated up. After Crumbl Cookie filed a lawsuit against Dirty Dough and Crave Cookies, Dirty Dough clapped back by putting up billboards alongside I-15. At this point, you might be tired of drama and just want a dessert: Try a donut at the new Banbury Cross Donuts in Centerville.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t any donut war in Utah yet. This less dramatic dessert might be the one for you.

Banbury Cross Donuts had its first location in Central City in Salt Lake City. Boasting beautiful donuts, muffins and fritters, the menu is filled to the brim. Banbury sells classic donuts like a glazed donut or a chocolate frosted donut, but the bakery also has unique flavors like a vanilla cake donut with blueberry icing or a cherry fritter.

Banbury Cross Donuts has become a Utah establishment.

In the online Donut Madness bracket hosted by the Donut Critic, Banbury Cross Donuts took home the people’s choice award. Even Tan France, a Salt Lake City resident and host on the TV show “Queer Eye,” gives these donuts top marks.

Banbury Cross Donuts recently opened up a second location in Centerville on July 18. The brand posted on Instagram in anticipation of the opening for weeks until it was finally able to make its debut. Between the opening of a second location of Banbury Cross Donuts and the potential return of Training Table, the Utah food scene is picking up steam.