The value of sports franchises keeps going up and up, particularly in the NFL, with the Denver Broncos recently being bought for $4.65 billion.

Sportico recently released a list ranking the valuations of all 32 franchises in the NFL. The publication defined valuation as “The sum of the fair-market value of an NFL franchise combined with the value of team-related businesses and real estate holdings.”

In other words, price tag is just one element in determining the valuation of a franchise.

Here are the top five and bottom five NFL franchises in terms of their valuation according to Sportico:

Top five

  1. Dallas Cowboys, $7.64 billion.
  2. Los Angeles Rams, $5.91 billion.
  3. New England Patriots, $5.88 billion.
  4. New York Giants, $5.73 billion.
  5. San Francisco 49ers, $5.18 billion.

Bottom five

32. Cincinnati Bengals. $2.84 billion.

31. Detroit Lions, $2.86 billion.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars, $2.94 billion.

29. Buffalo Bills, $2.99 billion.

28. Arizona Cardinals, $3.17 billion.