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Where should I get huckleberry desserts in the West?

Bear Lake raspberry milkshakes are considered iconic, but you should also try the West’s huckleberry shakes and desserts

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This undated photo shows red, yellow, and black raspberries.

This undated photo shows red, yellow, and black raspberries. No fruits are tastier or more fragile and perishable than perfectly ripe raspberries. All of which makes a good case for growing them yourself, where they can be picked daily and need travel no more than arm’s length.

Lee Reich, Associated Press

Raspberry milkshakes from Bear Lake restaurants are considered an iconic Utah food. Cache Valley Daily has reported that Bear Lake raspberries are considered better by some than regular ol’ raspberries. While huckleberries are best known for growing in states like Idaho and Washington, there are some in Utah and Utah certainly uses them in food.

Try sipping a Utah milkshake through a straw — it’s almost impossible. These creamy, ice-cold concoctions are edible by a spoon not a straw. Huckleberry shakes are no different. Idaho’s milkshakes are often like this, too. Peak huckleberry season is late summer, so close out your summer with one of these shakes.

Huckleberry-flavored ice cream and Italian ice are also good. Here’s where to get huckleberry desserts.


Victor’s Emporium

A thick, creamy huckleberry shake from Victor’s Emporium will get rid of your summer blues. Victor, Idaho, is about an hour outside of Rexburg, but is conveniently on the way to Jackson Hole. Plan a day trip to the Tetons and stop by here for a cool dessert.

Corner Drug in Driggs

Go back in time when you visit Corner Drug. They have a classic soda fountain with old-fashioned coke, but you should really try the huckleberry shake. If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Purple Monster, which is a huckleberry shake with Oreo in it.


Subzero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Stop by a Subzero and order a milkshake with huckleberry flavoring in it. You can customize your milkshakes here — I have asked for strawberries mixed in with a yogurt base and they have happily obliged.

Cannery Creamery

An Italian ice is a lower calorie but still flavor-filled alternative to ice cream or milkshakes. Stop by Cannery Creamery for a huckleberry Italian ice.

Utah State Aggie Ice Cream

Everyone goes to Aggie Ice Cream for the blue mint chip ice cream, but you should try the huckleberry ice cream. You can customize a shake or float with the huckleberry ice cream as well.

Bonus tips

As a fan of all things huckleberry (especially huckleberry herbal tea that I got at a random store in Jackson Hole), I think the best places you can get huckleberry shakes are sometimes hole-in-the-wall diners that you stumble upon in rural Idaho or Utah. Next time you’re on a road trip and stop for some food, order a huckleberry dessert if it’s on the menu.

Farmer’s markets might be the place to go to find huckleberry products. There are different ones in Utah in places like Ogden, Liberty Party, Murray, downtown Salt Lake City, Provo, Ivins and more. You may be able to find huckleberry products from local vendors.