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Goodbye, charcuterie boards. Hello butter boards?

Butter is spread on a board and topped with herbs, spices and other garnishes

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A charcuterie board.

A variety of cheeses, spreads and cured meats are displayed on a graze board. Olives, pickles, and marinated vegetables of all kinds offer a tangy crunch and briney flavor in between bites of cheeses and charcuterie.

Katie Workman via Associated Press

There is nothing better than a board decorated with fancy cheese, crackers, salami, grapes, nuts and even honey — charcuterie boards are the ultimate sharing plate. But a recent viral trend on TikTok is giving this appetizer a run for its money.

Introducing: the butter board.

As the name suggests, butter is spread on a board and topped with herbs, spices and other garnishes. Justine Doiron, with the username @justine_snacks, posted a video of the idea on TikTok, which racked up 7.1 million views.

“Have you heard of a butter board? This is what one looks like,” she says in the video, where she spreads softened butter over a cutting board. She then sprinkles flaky salt, lemon zest, parsley and edible flowers. Last but not least, she adds a drizzle of honey.

Doiron reveals that she got the idea from Chef Joshua McFadden, who includes this recipe in his cookbook “Six Seasons”, according to SheKnows.

Since the video, the recipe has gone viral.

With that said, is the butter board a hit? Many on Twitter praised the inventive idea.

“Wait!!! Have you heard of a ‘Butter Board’?! They look delicious!” one user wrote. Meanwhile, an Eater reporter said, “i’m sorry but the ‘butter board’ …. No.”

Others are diving in head first: “What are you putting on your butter board???” wrote one user. “I’m thinking flakey salt, thin sliced cayenne, a sickening amount of garlic, chopped chives, a slight drizzle of balsamic, and a dash of Italian seasoning.”