Crumbl has sued two companies, Dirty Dough and Crave, and it doesn’t seem like these legal proceedings will be coming to a halt any time soon. While we may not know the winner of the lawsuit for a while, the Deseret News conducted a taste test to determine which company has the best cookies.

Parameters of the cookie taste test

We tried four cookies from each company and, to keep it fair, made sure that we purchased a chocolate chip cookie from each.

Crumbl Cookies

  • Peanut Butter Munch ft. Muddy Buddies.
  • Dark Dream.
  • Cake Batter.
  • Milk Chocolate Chip.
Crumbl Cookies from Sept. 23, 2022. | Hanna Seariac

Crave Cookies

  • The Brookie.
  • Cinaroll Poptart.
  • The Scotcharookie.
  • Milk Chocolate Chip.
Crave Cookies from Sept. 23, 2022. | Hanna Seariac

Dirty Dough Cookies

  • Sugar Cookie.
  • Reverse Chocolate with Reese’s.
  • Raspberry Toaster Tart.
  • Chocolate Chip.
Dirty Dough cookies from Sept. 23, 2022. | Hanna Seariac

Which cookie company had the best chocolate chip cookie?

Natalie: Crumbl.

Why: After taking a bite of the chocolate chip cookie, Natalie immediately exclaimed that this was the best one. She commented on the sweetness of the chocolate chips, but also on how balanced she thought the cookie was. She remarked, “It just melts in your mouth!”

Gitanjali: Crumbl.

Why: Gitanjali agreed with Natalie that the Crumbl cookie was the best because of how gooey it was. She also added that “it is the perfect chocolate chip cookie!” Gitanjali thought that it was not too thick (like she thought Dirty Dough’s and Crave’s were) and not too thin.

Hanna: Dirty Dough.

Why: I liked the thickness of Dirty Dough cookie. When I want a delivery cookie, I only really want the perfect bite and not a whole or even half a cookie. I thought Dirty Dough’s dough was less sweet than the others, but their chocolate was the sweetest. I thought the other cookies tasted too sweet compared to this one.

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Which cookie was the best overall?

Natalie: Crumbl Milk Chocolate Chip.

Why: Described it as the best chocolate chip cookie.

Gitanjali: Crumbl Milk Chocolate Chip.

Why: Also described it as the best chocolate chip cookie.

Hanna: Dirty Dough Sugar Cookie.

Why: Chocolate chip cookies are good, but not my go to — this sugar cookie was great.

Which cookie company was the best overall?

Natalie: Crumbl.

Why: Natalie thought that Crumbl had the best flavors. She commented on how she didn’t like that Crave and Dirty Dough cookies often had both fillings and toppings — she thought that it was too much. Natalie said that Crave cookies were just too thick and too sweet most of the time — although she did like Crave’s Brookie.

Gitanjali: Crumbl.

Why: Gitanjali thought that Crumbl also had the best variety and that they were a better thickness size. She had heard about Dirty Dough’s layering system and did not think it was effective here — she said that the filling and toppings were too much.

Hanna: Dirty Dough.

Why: While I did not like the cookies that had both fillings and toppings, I preferred Dirty Dough. My ideal delivery cookie is thick — I just want one bite of a decadent, rich cookie as opposed to having an entire cookie that is less decadent. I thought that Dirty Dough’s cookies were baked better. Crave’s cookies were just a little too thick for them to score higher, but they still beat out Crumbl.