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Unsolved homicides in Stockton: What do we know?

Rumors of a serial killer in Stockton, California, have been circulating. Here’s what we know

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Police line tape.

Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

In Stockton, California, police have started investigating “patterns” in recent homicide cases. CBS News reported that the Stockton police have investigated 43 murders so far this year.

On Wednesday, the Stockton Police Department posted on Facebook that it had started to notice patterns in some of the homicides detectives were investigating. The police department said in the post, “As detectives have been looking at the data and evidence for some of the recent homicides, they have noticed the homicides are occurring during the night or early morning hours and our victims were alone.”

According to CBS News, the police department does not know if it is looking for one suspect or multiple suspects.

KCRA 3 reported that while right now there is no evidence of a serial killer, police have gathered a team to investigate the situation further.

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