Who needs ketchup with fries when you can have fry sauce? It has a base of ketchup and mayonnaise, but different restaurants in Utah use different recipes in this popular fry dip. After surveying many establishments in Utah that sell fries with fry sauce, here is the very serious, definitive ranking of the best fry sauce in Utah.

All of the fry sauces were tried with plain fries.

10. Greek Souvlaki: I love Greek food and was out with my friends eating a Greek salad when I noticed fries and fry sauce were on the menu. We split the order and I was surprised by how pleasant the fry sauce was. It was tangy and traditional, but worked really well with the classic french fry. It was a little too tangy to rank higher, but a solid choice.

9. Arctic Circle: I know many people will be upset with me for this ranking since it is the original fry sauce. I found the sauce good, but nothing special. The fries were a little too greasy and salty, and the fry sauce was good, but a little bland.

My search for the truth: Who invented Utah’s fry sauce?
The definitive, historical, true-to-life origin of fry sauce (version 2.0)

8. Purple Turtle: I had heard of Purple Turtle for years, but only recently had it. I split an order of fries and fry sauce with a friend. I have to mention — the fries were amazing. I like thicker fries and these were so good. The pink sauce or fry sauce had a little bit of a kick to it and it paired nicely with their fries.

7. Crown Burgers: I still have not had a burger, let alone a pastrami burger from Crown Burger (another time for another article), but I loved the fries here. Some of the best fries in Utah are here, and the fry sauce was also really good. I couldn’t tell what I was tasting — was it a little pickle relish or pickle seasoning? In any case, the sauce here was thicker and richer than other places.

6. Tonyburgers: Tonyburgers sells Tony Sauce, which is its version of fry sauce. In terms of the fries, they do a shoestring fry. Normally, I’m not a fan of the shoestring fries, but something about how their fries turns out makes me a fan. The sauce here was a little sweeter than the others, but paired nicely with a savory fry.

5. Cubby’s: Chipotle fry sauce is something that you didn’t know you would like. It is a bit spicier than the other fry sauces listed here, but it’s not spicier than the most mild buffalo sauce you’ll buy. That’s not a diss — it’s well-seasoned, has a little kick and is noticeably different than the other sauces here. Their fries are OK: not my favorite, but still a good fry.

4. Chom Burger: I am an original Chom Burger fan. I have been going since the restaurant served breakfast. They sell Chom sauce and I love how smooth it is. This sauce is tangy and well-seasoned. They also sell a thinner fry, but the fries are still quite good.

3. Station 22: The fries are consistently my favorite thing from Station 22. They are thick and seasoned very well. They are not too greasy, but they are mealy. The fry sauce is also incredible. It’s a classic fry sauce, but what I like about it is that it’s a little more ketchup-y than the other sauces on this review. It is well worth a try.

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2. Hires Big H: This iconic Utah restaurant should be a must-visit when you come to Utah. Its fries had a natural cut and seemed very fresh. They tasted like someone got the potato from the field that same morning and cooked them immediately. The fry sauce itself was also interesting in a good way. It was a little saltier, a little more savory than other fry sauces, but had a sweeter aftertaste. Their fries are also perfect with the sauce.

1. Bruges Waffles and Frites: I have had Bruges before, but it had been a couple years, so I went with a couple of friends after some shopping in Sugar House. First off, the fries are amazing. They are crisp and have a little bit of crunch to them with soft potato on the inside. The fry sauce was perfectly chilled (some restaurants had a slightly warmer fry sauce) and it tasted a little more garlicky than the others. Definitely worth a trip.