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‘She-Hulk’ Season 2: Is it happening? Here’s what we know

Fans of ‘She-Hulk’ are eager for Season 2. Here’s what we know

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A still from “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” with Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer “Jen” Walters/She-Hulk.

Will She-Hulk get a Season 2?

Marvel Studios

“She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” Season 1 premiered last year with mixed reactions from Marvel fans. But the show still gained a dedicated fan base. So can fans expect “She-Hulk” Season 2?

Driving the news: While fans are hopeful for “She-Hulk” Season 2, they received a disappointing update from star Tatiana Maslany last October. Maslany, who plays Jennifer Walters, revealed that she hasn’t heard much about Season 2, according to Screenrant.

  • In an interview with Extra, Maslany said, “I mean, I don’t think so, yet. Kevin in the scene seems to be very dismissive of this idea, so, if we’re basing this off of the real Kevin, it doesn’t seem likely.”
  • “But he was also, I think, just trying to get rid of Jen, because she was asking too many questions ... I don’t know,” Malsany said. “If I could be coy, and have some little secret, I would do that. But, I really don’t. I don’t know anything.”

What they’re saying: Head writer Jessica Gao revealed that the show was originally drafted as a story that would have only one season, since there was “no guarantee” of “She-Hulk” Season 2, per Screenrant. But that doesn’t mean that She-Hulk won’t appear later on in the MCU.

  • In an episode of the podcast “Hero Nation,” Gao said, “I would be shocked if (Marvel Studios) didn’t start putting her in the movies, especially the group team-up movies,” per CBR.com.
  • According to CBR.com Mark Ruffalo, who plays Jen Walter’s cousin Bruce Banner, jokingly said in an interview, “She’s in now, there’s not going to be another ‘Avengers’ without her.”

What it’s rated and why: According to Common Sense Media, “She-Hulk” Season 1 is appropriate for kids aged 13 and up. The show contains:

  • Language.
  • Violence.
  • Sexual themes and situations.
  • Drinking.
  • Adult themes.