President Joe Biden’s legal aides discovered another set of classified documents in a different location than the ones first discovered in November.

The classified documents come from his time as vice president during the Obama administration. NBC News first reported that the Biden aides were “searching for any additional classified materials” in other locations as a precaution following the initial discovery of the classified information.

The White House has not responded with a comment referring to the most recent discovery.

What does the Presidential Records Act say about classified documents?

The Presidential Records Act dictates that all White House records should be stored in the National Archives once an administration completes its term. But according to CNN, Biden had 10 classified documents in his possession, some of which were “top secret,” which is the highest level of secrecy.

Biden said he was ‘surprised’ about classified documents

Biden said he was “surprised” he had the documents still and said his legal team “turned over the boxes to the (National) Archives and we’re cooperating fully with the review which I hope will be finished soon and there will be more detail at that time,” the Deseret News reported.

Donald Trump’s classified documents in Mar-a-Lago

Biden is not the first leader from the executive branch to come under fire for the mishandling of top secret government information.

US attorney to review classified documents found in Biden’s private office

In August 2022, a search-and-seizure warrant revealed former President Donald Trump held onto around 300 classified documents, which the FBI took back from his Mar-a-Lago hotel, per The Associated Press.