It’s been a week since Prince Harry’s memoir, “Spare,” hit the shelves and the public still has a lot to say about Harry.

Harry has dominated the headlines since the release of his Netflix documentary, “Meghan & Harry,” in December. And in light of his memoir’s release — which is full of jaw-dropping reveals — it seems like Prince Harry isn’t going anywhere.

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What are critics saying about Prince Harry?

  • “Harry’s internal struggle was not ‘To be or not to be’ but ‘To split or not to split.’ He split, he spilled and now, as at the end of all Shakespearean tragedies, the stage is covered in blood and littered with bodies,” Maureen Dowd wrote in The New York Times.
  • Peggy Drexler wrote in a CNN article, “What we’re seeing is a little brother desperate to fight back against a lifetime of feeling inferior, but doing so in the dirtiest way possible. And, well, it seems pathetic.” She continued, “Harry is not special — his is one of the commonest dramas of human nature.”
  • “Prince Harry wants to tell his story, in all of its confusing, rageful and sometimes entirely TMI glory — again and again and again,” CT Jones wrote in Rolling Stone.
  • Robin Abcarian wrote in the Los Angeles Times, “Although he couldn’t have anything approaching a normal life and had suffered a grievous loss, his status meant he could try to salve his wounds in ways the rest of us couldn’t.”
  • “‘Spare’ is a sad read about a man who is clearly hurt and damaged. A man who, by accident of birth and through tragedy, has never had complete control over his own life,” Louis Staples wrote in CNN.
  • “The pettiness of ‘Spare’ exposes him as a wounded, power-hungry individual who wants to air his grievances on his terms (knowing all too well the royal family can and will not retaliate) rather than someone who genuinely seeks to heal,” wrote Noor Norman for MSNBC.
  • Peggy Noonan wrote in the Wall Street Journal, “It is all so contradictory. He says he wants reconciliation but writes things that alienate, he says he reveres the monarchy and isn’t trying to bring it down but he has gone beyond removing bricks from the facade and seems to be going at the bearing walls.”
What critics are saying about Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’

What are fans saying about Prince Harry?

Twitter is still full of buzz — and mixed feelings — about Prince Harry.