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The transfer portal window has closed. What happens next?

College football players may only put their names into the transfer portal during approved windows. Once in, they can transfer at any point

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Utah running back Micah Bernard looks looks for yardage against Oregon State at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City.

Utah Utes running back Micah Bernard (2) looks for space as Utah and Oregon State play at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022. Utah won 42-16.

Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

The transfer portal is officially closed.

Well, kind of.

The inaugural transfer portal window has indeed closed, as of Thursday, Jan. 19, after opening on Dec. 5 and remaining open for a 45-day period.

During that period of time, college football players were free to enter their names in the transfer portal and many chose to do so.

According to On3 Sports, 1,840 players entered the portal and 930 committed and/or signed with new programs.

Per the Athletic, that includes 1,285 FBS scholarship players, and only 25% of those were graduate transfers.

Locally, 39 FBS players from BYU, Utah or Utah State entered the portal, with many finding spots on new teams (though certainly not all).

The transfer portal window operated as intended — it stopped transfer portal entries from occurring at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year — but the effect was pronounced.

Per The Athletic’s Max Olsen, there was 24 percent increase in transfers compared to this time last year.

What happens next? Well, there’s another window incoming and exceptions to the windows themselves.

When is the next transfer portal window?

  • College football players may not enter their names into the transfer portal again until May 1, and the spring window only lasts until May 15.
  • Schools have up to 48 hours to add a player into the NCAA’s transfer database, so expect to hear that more players have elected to transfer, though that should end Sauturday.
  • The NCAA will reportedly be taking a stricter approach with waivers going forward, so underclassman who desire to utilize their one-time waiver free transfer will need to enter they names into the portal in early May, following the conclusion of spring camp, or be at the mercy of the NCAA.

What happens to the players still in the portal?

  • Those players who’ve already entered their names in the transfer portal are good to transfer whenever. Their name is in the portal and the can take as long as needed to find a new program, as long as they are able to be admitted and meet academic requirement dates.
  • Per the Athletic, there are 532 Power Five scholarship players in the portal who haven’t found a new program (there are also more than 300 Group of Five scholarship players in the same boat).

Can anyone enter the transfer portal outside the windows?

  • Graduate transfers don’t have to abide by any transfer portal window. They are allowed to entered the portal at any time throughout the year.
  • There is another exception as well — players who’s coach is fired during the season. Those players have an immediate 30-day window to enter the portal.

Which teams utilized the portal the most this window?

  • Per On3 Sports, Arizona State and Colorado utilized the transfer portal the most during the winter window. The Sun Devils added 25 players (they lost 20) while the Buffaloes and new head coach Deion Sanders added 24 players and lost 13.
  • All told, 21 programs added 10 or more transfers, while 52 programs lost 10 or more players to the portal.
  • Teams that were hit the hardest by defections include Texas A&M and Arkansas (27), Ole Miss (25), Florida (23), Arizona (22), Oregon (21) and Arizona State (20).