Diet Coke lovers will be thrilled to know that Culver’s, the fast-food chain famous for cheese curds and custards, is switching from Pepsi to Coca-Cola products.

The chain’s signature drinks, such as its root beer and teas, will remain on the menu, according to Fox 6 Milwaukee, but a spokesperson said that Pepsi will not be on the menu. This news comes right after Pepsi’s decision to drop Sierra Mist and introduce Starry — a lemon-lime drink that has packs a bigger citrus punch than the original Sierra Mist formula.

Goodbye, Sierra Mist. Hello, Starry — Pepsi’s new Sprite rival

“We would like to remind our guests that in addition to Coca-Cola products, many favorites including Culver’s Signature Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, and fresh brewed sweetened and unsweetened tea are also available to enjoy with their fresh, never frozen ButterBurger,” a spokesman for Culver’s told NBC affiliate WTMJ.

It’s not yet known which Coca-Cola products Culver’s will have in-store, but it’s possible that Sprite, Fanta and Minute Maid lemonades could be available now.

Culver’s is a Wisconsin-based chain that is famous for its ButterBurgers, which are burgers that are cooked with butter on the outside of the patty. It is also well-known for selling thick, creamy custard and classic cheese curds. Now you can wash it all down with a Diet Coke.

The timeline for the switch is fuzzy. WTMJ reported that the chain has nearly 900 restaurants stretched across 26 different states, so the changeover will take time.

Fans of Coca Cola products took to Twitter to express excitement about the change.