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This Barbie is a rockstar. Mattel launches Stevie Nicks doll: ‘She’s just perfect’

The Stevie Nicks Barbie is in an outfit inspired by her “Rumors” era

SHARE This Barbie is a rockstar. Mattel launches Stevie Nicks doll: ‘She’s just perfect’
Singer Stevie Nicks arrives at the Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011.

Dan Steinberg, Associated Press

Dreams are coming true. There is now a Stevie Nicks-inspired Barbie doll.

Mattel launched the doll, celebrating the “Queen of Rock and Roll,” this week, touting it as a Barbie Music Collector doll.

“Soulful stage presence. Spellbinding style. With a career that’s touched generations of music lovers, @StevieNicks is the latest legend to be celebrated as part of the Barbie Music Series, bringing her inspiring story and chart-topping career to artists and audiences of all ages. #Barbie #YouCanBeAnything,” Barbie shared on Instagram, with photos of the new doll.

At $55, the Stevie Nicks Barbie is decked out in “a beguiling black dress” inspired by her “Rumors” era with black, knee-high platform boots, her iconic crescent moon necklace and a tambourine decorated with flowing ribbons.

Within hours of the doll’s launch, it sold out on the Mattel website and is currently being resold over the internet for more than double its original price, reports NPR.

While designing the new doll, Mattel gave Nicks room to provide her own creative input on the doll’s look and outfit.

“I said, ‘I’ll send you my original “Rumours” outfit, which is packed away, and we’ll dig it out and I’m going to get out the boots from the Italian shoemaker who is amazing and made all of my boots until he passed away.’ And I sent it off to Mattel,” Nicks told USA Today.

The “Fleetwood Mac” star also made a few edits to the doll’s original look, such as insisting its eyebrows were “a little too arched.”

“When Mattel first sent her to me, I told them her eyebrows are a little too arched and my eye makeup, if you go back to the ‘70s, it was very Twiggy with lots of eyelashes and that doe-eyed look. So I said you need to raise that dark eyeshadow above the fold in her eye and that will fix it. And I said we need to see a little bit of teeth.”

When the doll was completed, “I opened her up and I went, ‘She’s just perfect,’ “ Nicks told USA Today. “This little Barbie is so precious and they helped her have my soul. If nobody else in the world got her but me, I’d almost be OK with that.”

As a longtime fan of Barbies and doll collector, Nicks reveals she was enthusiastic about Mattel designing a doll in her honor.

“Honestly, I tend to think all the women in the world would love to have a Barbie made of them, but they know that isn’t going to happen. When I found out, I was really catapulted back to when the first Barbies came out in 1959 and my mom bought me a Barbie. She collected dolls forever and I came into Fleetwood Mac a doll collector,” Nicks told USA Today.

Nicks says she immediately fell in love with the doll inspired by her. “I see everything in her,” she told People. “When I look at her, it’s like she’s my whole life from beginning to now. When I look at her, all the memories are all there.”